The meaning of the word ‘Funkstörung’ – German for radio interference – best describes what one can expect from FUNKSTÖRUNG. Funk split up into hardly recognizable fragments mixed with the strange sounds of radio interference. In the media Funkstörung is quite often called the German equivalent to Aphex Twin or Autechre but Michael Fakesch and Chris De Luca – the men behind the scenes – are not always happy with this comparison. Even though they are really into the music of their English colleagues they would rather have the press see the German electronic music scene as an independent innovative one. Especially Funkstörung can be seen as part of. They hardly ever use samples for their music, every little sound is handmade. All melodies and even the most complicated rhythms are created on standalone equipment without using any sort common computer. Not only their way of making music but also their musical development is different to those of Autechre and Aphex Twin.

Michael and Chris met in 1992 when Michael was organizing the first techno events in his small Bavarian home town Rosenheim. At one of these parties he bumped into the DJ Chris De Luca. Two years later they started buying sample equipment from the money they made off the events. They immediately started producing their first techno tracks. One of the first demos they sent out went straight to one of their favourite labels at that time – Bunker Records in Den Haag. Unit Möbius, the heads of Bunker Records, was so excited about the demo that he decided to sign Funkstörung up for a 6 (six!)-album-and-one-single-deal. But from the signing of the contract to the actual release two years passed by. Mean while Chris and Michael were annoyed by waiting so long and build up their own label to be sure they could avoid situations like that coming up in the future. They kept their Bunker project-names Funkstörung and Musik Aus Strom and turned Musik aus Strom – short MAS – into their Label name.

During that two years waiting period their sound grew up more and more, the arrangements became more complicated, they hardly ever used straight beats anymore. Finally in June ‘96 – only two months after the release of the Bunker material – Funkstörung released their first MAS 12inch. The music press was overwhelmed! No one could believe that it was the same two people behind both the Bunker and the MAS Funkstörung. Interviews with English, German and other European mags were made and you could always tell that the journalists had never expected such music to come from German techno minimalists. From there on everything went quite fast. Another Funkstörung was released on MAS, the first one with the till now typical Funkstörung-sound – breakbeat-like rhythm-programming combined with melancholic melodies. Funkstörung started releasing successfully on other labels like Interfered Communications. A planed release on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex imprint didn’t work out but it was obvious that England liked these Germans with the weird name and the cooperation with Skam Records was only a question of time. In March 97 their until then most successful EP – incl. cover artwork by The Designers Republic – was released on Compost Records. Funkstörung has reached cult status in the media already and labels like Schematic, Syfax, Warp, Fat Cat and even One Little Indian have shown interest in the two guys from Rosenheim but at the moment they are working on their first album and both Chris and Michael have business to take care of. Chris for instance is the owner of Munich’s most successful record store. Also Funkstörung just finished remixes for Björk, Wu-Tang Clan, Two Lone Swordsmen, East Flatbush Project, Finitribe and others. Anyway we’re glad they had time to record this fabulous EP called „Sonderdienste“ for us, again with an brilliant artwork by The Designers Republic.