Eddy Meets Yannah



Every now and then you stumble across something special at an unexpected place. Like Gilles Peterson put it five years ago: “Travelling the world on the constant search for the perfect beat, a soulful source has been found in Zagreb where Eddy Meets Yannah have dispatched one of this years most soulful electronic forays.
It’s all about Croatia baby!” Indeed there are lots of things happening in the Balkan state. Every year there are over 10 million people spending their holidays at its Adriatic coastline making it one of the most popular tourist regions in Europe. Furthermore Croatia is scheduled to be the next country to join the European Union. And with their critically acclaimed debut “Just Like…” and the follower “Once In A While“ the gifted duo Yannah Valdevit (producer, singer, musician, songwriter, arranger) and Eddy Ramich (producer, arranger, DJ) definitely put Zagreb’s flourishing yet unheard music scene on the map!
After four more great singles and some much praised remixes (of Arthur Verocai, Tania Maria, Elisabeth Shepherd, Bobby Caldwell, etc.) finally the time has come for album number three: “Fiction Jar“!
For Eddy and Yannah one of the main ingredients is music, making it listening to it, insisting on no philosophy about it, simply appreciating it’s existence. After two albums the only natural thing was to make a third one, retrospecting on all aspects of life, fluctuations in music, world politics, hopes, fears, contents, regrets… simple urge to create and and to express, as a child’s urge to play in a park or build a sand castle… or to cry when it
With “Fiction Jar” the duo offers a joyful fusion of sophisticated soul, urban beats and sweet R’n’B harmonies to die for. Guest features include rhyme spitter Capitol A, UK Garage master Zed Bias and Ras T-Weed from the legendary Rockers HiFi (UK).
When we focus strictly to a certain age of our life or person we know closely or have seen only once, we can find something surreal about it. All experiences or emotions we go through are real only at the time of their existence, after it we just store them in our subconsciousness, and as the time goes by they loose their earthly image, turning into some ungraspable sensation. We make our own fiction jar through life, adding ingredients, making it bitter or sweet and even though it’s obvious, it’s still a miracle, each person making a unique one.
Eddy Ramich…
…has a lively history and is far from being a no-name in the music business. Being born in the Netherlands but of semi-Slovak / semi-Croatian nationality, Eddy spent his childhood alternating in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Libya and Germany before settling down in Croatia in the early 90s to study at the Faculty of Business Economics in Zagreb. Before teaming up with Yannah in 2003 he has released already a long list of productions with his former partner Dus under the alias of Eddy & Dus. Their album “High Life” as well as the remixes of international acts like Ennio Morricone, Sun Ra or Nicola Conte were causing a stir in the future jazz world. Spinning records since the late 80s Eddy has become a global player DJ with unbelievable technical and musical skills always creating a positive party vibe. Since 11 years he is hosting the clubnite Kontrapunkt at the Aquarius in Zagreb featuring guest DJs like Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, 4Hero, Carl Craig, IG.
Yannah Valdevit…
…is what you call an exceptional personaltity. She is one of the rare women who can write, programm and arrange a track all on her own AND has got a whole lotta soul! It seems that this beautiful woman has dedicated her life to three things: the love of music, the striving for knowledge and the ability of doing everything on her own account! At the tender age of 8 she started off playing the piano and learning all about music theory. Later during her studies of musicology she became an often seen guests vocalist for many Croatian jazz projects also performing with the National Televisions’ Big Band. After being introduced to new club sounds such as broken beats or nu soul by Eddy & Dus in 2001, she started writing own songs and dealing with the creation of music.
To acquire skills in arranging, production and programming she spent the next two years working in a studio before joining forces with Eddy in 2003.
Recently she has just finished successfully her (second!) study course of sacral music – including organs, gregoriant chants, a lot of music theory, etc. – but still she isn’t tired to keep on learning Japanese too. All this studying and learning has made an impact on her private life because in the last few years she hung out with a bunch of no ordinary people like weird Bach fanatic musicians or Japanese anime freaks. And certainly this kind of isolated living plus all daily worries influenced the sound and lyrics of Eddy Meets Yannah’s new album.
Yannah´s skills as producer and songwriter are much sought-after. In 2009 she did collaborations with Atjazz & Domu (on „Info People“ & „City Madness“), Soulsource Productions (on the album „Slow Motion Replay“), Johnwaynes, Josip Klobucar (on „Shut Down“), Ilja Rudman… more to follow in 2010!
Yannah is working on her conceptual solo album.
If you get the chance make sure to catch Eddy Meets Yannah playing at a club! It’s a unique experience with Eddy at the turntables playing all styles of soul music (from broken beats, dubstep and house to funky and hip hop) while Yannah gets live on the mic. But their performance is far from being ordinary because Eddy’s mixing skills are very tight and Yannah is accomplishing more than only singing to some records. Actually she is thinking like a DJ too, taking care about dynamics, the breaks, sometimes sampling herself or making backings to the original vocals of some tracks. She is like a third turntable playing acapellas! Additional flavour is added by the use of effect machines and keyboards and the appearance of guest MC’s. The performance of Eddy Meets Yannah differs a little bit from the productions on the album and is much more dancefloor oriented. Eddy Meets Yannah have played at clubs and festivals all around Europe and Japan, most notably: Rootdown (Freiburg), Room (Tokyo), Coop (London), Noon ( Osaka ), Raw Fusion (Stockholm), Yellow (Tokyo), Cargo (London), Southport Weekender, ( Ainsdale ) , Worlwide Festival (Sete ), Outlook Festival ( Island Pag ),….