Compost Tech House Selection – Dirty Cache

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Tech House Selection – Dirty Cache
Cat No: CPT 441-3
Format: Download

After one and a half decade and more than 400 releases, Compost Records bundles some of their finest tunes as Various Artists digital download compilation albums. The variety and full spectrum of Compost’s repertoire has never or rarely been presented in form of a musical genre compilation. These releases will be compiled or DJ-mixed by Compost’s artists and are available as digital downloads, except in some rare cases very very limited as 500 CDs.
House-music was always a big part of the Compost catalogue. This already resulted in two ‘House- compilations (Compost House Selection Vol. 1 & 2).
For this particular house selection, Rupert & Mennert, dove into the darker side of the catalogue. They searched for tracks that contained the minimalistic elements of ‘Techno’ mixed with the more soulful parts of ‘House’.
To create a platform for this type of music, Compost founder Michael Reinboth created the Black Label platform. So it’s only natural that tracks from this subsidiary ended up on this compilation. You will hear tracks from Christian Prommer, TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos, Motorcitysoul and the illustrious DJ T. Remix of ‘passion’. But that’s not all, because there are classic tracks that needs to be heard too! What to think of Voom:Voom’s banging ‘Ginger & Fred’, King Britt’s techno-project ‘The Nova Dream Sequence’ or classic Compost stuff by Charlie Dark, Ian Pooley, John Tejada and Fauna Flash.
In almost 80 minutes Compost selectas Rupert & Mennert are puting all these terrific tracks together into a great club-mix with a nice dark twist!

Who are Rupert&Mennert?
Rupert & Mennert reside in Den Helder, The Netherlands. One of the most beautiful cities in the
world. From there they send their music into the wide world. They are the self-proclaimed archivers
of the Compost Vault. This allready resulted in various Compost Selections (Jazz, Downbeat,
Experimental, Ambient, Remixes, Vocals). They broadcast a highly irregular radio show called Weird
Pigs. They remix tracks (Ensemble du Verre, Timo Garcia, Marbert.Rocel) and invent new concepts
about making music. One of those mysterious new concepts is called: Brain Connection Series…

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