Siff Licious – Fisten

Artist: Siff Licious
Title: Fisten (Original) | Fisten (Philipp Stoya Remix)
Cat No: Glenn Dancer
Format: 12″ / Download
Releasedate: 06.Sep. 2013

Quotes: gooood times! Anthony Mansfield | super Christian Prommer | I-Robots approved!!!! Will chart and play it! Thanks! I-Robots | Thanks for the music! Luciano | thanks for the music! Maceo Plex | great p.stoya rx Makossa | mr stoya getting into the groove. SHOW-B | Cool remix by Philip! Lovely vibe! Deep and haunting! Nuno dos Santos | phillip stoya rmx is great nice acid line! reboot | cool track Robert Owens | Solid and groovy tunes; will support. Velanche

Info:Rough dirty house with an edge and humor.
GLENN DANCER is the new mus(i)cal haven for all those, who might be cultivated to a dirty kind of humor
and a proper portion filth in sound. Glenn Dancer is a den by the harbour for the rude and rough fellas,
Glenn Dancer is the pressuring and flogging sound. Glenn Dancer is, when you don’t care if you’re hated or

This is why Glenn Dancer gives home to a track, that when listened to understands to provoke subconsciously a
quite positive reaction, due to it’s blunt roughness. ‘What the f***k is that ?’ sounded trough the hall way and Siff
Licious got his debut 12” FISTEN! [fisting!]

With a title like that it’s not far fetched that it comes with a not less provoking fullcover artwork.
The track is decorated by a historic nursery rhyme with Thuringian roots backed by a dirty and rough rhythm. Almost
bored comes the filthy singsong along while the steady beat in the background is accompanied by a synthesizer line
that somehow cajoling saws into the membrain like made for the dark rave-basement or cruising bars, but also for
those, who are fed up by and decry the Helvetica New Light & Carnival folk. Raw, but sincere!

It’s Philipp Stoya’s fifth year in the Munich nightlife. In his interpretation he drops the nursery rhyme, therefore he
files, rasps and drives the tempo up a bit and causes a proper synapse collapse. After Various Artist split maxis
(Compost Black Label # 83 and # 94), remixes for Madpac´s “Angry Nerds” and a forthcoming remix for Marbert
Rocel, Philipp Stoya complete this edition. Sincere but, Raw!

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