Compost Black Label 102

Artist: Heitzberg Theorem
Title: System Flegmann / Kosciusko / Gamma Waves Taste Nice / Cellardoor
Cat No: CPT 422-1
Format: 12″ / Download


Info: Some call it post-dubstep, some techy deep house… We call it pure club bangers with a mysterious
touch! Munich residents Heitzberg Theorem delivering heavy basses topped with trippy vocals, just
sounding like future!

When Tobi and Bastian first met they didn’t really like each other. They basically never talked. Why? Years later
nobody knows for sure. Working together didn’t make things easier. However one day, when they were forced to
spend their lunch together they did talk: as it turned out both were pretty surprised how much alike they felt when
it came to music. So they decided to team up and produce a couple of tracks. Bastian (born and raised in Ulm)
has a straight forward musical background: he’s an educated Audio Engineer and a Bachelor of Recording Arts.
As Bastian, Tobi started early with producing the musical support for his Munich-based poetry label Perplex. After
a creative but very frustrating phase of combining their different musical styles (a broad variety from Drum ‘n’
Bass, to House, Techno, UK Garage and Post-Dubstep) they threw all of their initial ideas away and started from
scratch. As a result Heitzberg Theorem now concentrates on what’s really important to them: producing bassy,
heavy and danceable UK-influenced house music.

Watch out for Heitzberg Theorem’s two digital bonus remixes of Marbert Rocel’s I Wanna which will be soon
released on Compost.

About the tracks:
„System Flegmann“: The EP starts with a real kicker. Named after a figure in Schnitzler’s book Spiel im
Morgengrauen System Flegmann throws in a deep vibrating bassline. As the song starts very heavy and
techy the atmosphere lightens up with the warm pads and smooth chords .
„Kosciusko“: Kosciusko is the mysterious place where Oprah was born.
„Cellardoor“: In phonaesthetics “cellar door” is supposed to be the most beautiful English word. Even
Donnie Darko knows that now.
“Gamma Waves Taste Nice”: This might be a phrase you would hear from the incredible Hulk while he
smashes your hometown. Compared to this image this track is much friendlier. Just lose your body in this
warm atmosphere of straight forward house grooves.

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