Compost Black Label 101

Artist: Madpac
Title: Angry Nerds (Philipp Stoya Remix) / Angry Nerds (Microphunk Remix) / Angry Nerds (Original)
Cat No: CPT 421-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: the Stoya is a timeless gift that flows and ebbs with ease Roual Galloway / The remixes are really deep; dig them. Beautiful one especially from Mr. Stoya.
Velanche / Philipps Remix is a bomb…tried and tested by yours truly .. The employee of the month award is fully deserved !!! Microfunk and the Original are coll as well… Peter Kruder / nice original !Daniel Bortz / nice ep..i like all trax but the original is definitily my favourite here… Martin Landsky Microphunk remix for me! Thanks guys! Kasper Bjorke / great package Andre Lodemann / Cool ep!! Will play angry nerds original & philips epic mix! Nuno dos Santos
/ For me it’s all about the brilliant Philipp Stoya remix here – dropping this tune since March and it always turned out to be a true pleaser…..this one gonna find it’s way in to the set’s of many DJs this summer – i’m sure about it!! Thomas Herb / Great ep !!!!! Philipp Stoya Remix for me !!! Full support !!!
Dima Studitsky / Thanks for the package. I like Philipp Stoya Remix more, I must say, in terms of groove, intention, musicality and sound qualities. Great job !
I will play it., Cheers, St. Plomb / gefällt mir sehr gut, die Scheibe! Daniel Brandt (Brant Brauer Frick)

Info: Kinda jubilee, we outwit the # 100 Compost Black Label with an amazing high achiever 12inch. Our label staff man of the month Philipp Stoya made such an deep and isocronal uplifting mix, which we love so much. A killer tune! A trippy peaktime hit. Well, the original by Estonian Madpac is also a lovely jubbly fluffy house tune, notably when the beloved melody parts coming in. Quintessentially a Compost-ish tune, isn’t it. Contemporary sound and timeless. Btw.: if you miss Compost Black Label # 100, then be advised it will be the very first full length Compost Black Label artist album by an usual suspect.

Madpac, and by the name his mother calls him, Madis Pähno, was born in 1987 in Tartu Estonia. Strange ways got him into the point, where he is now. Starting with violin studies in children’s music school, singing in high quality boys choir, studying to become an electrician, no way this kid could grow up to be an outstanding talent in electronically music sphere, but that’s exactly what has happened.
Madpac has stated that his relationship with music started at the age of five, which culminated in 10 years of music studies, first at Ülenurme Music school then at the prestigious Heino Eller’s Music School.
In the beginning of year 2000 Madpac switched from strangling the violin into something totally different: electronic music. By the year 2005 Madpac was good to go and started playing records on different events. At the beginning all sorts of techno tracks dominated in his set lists but those techno tracks turned deeper and deeper. Sadly, there wasn’t enough audience to understand the depths of such music, so Madpac took a little break of DJing.
Fortunately the show went on and is still in progress as we speak. So much free time lead Madpac onto the roads of composing electronic music and it didn’t take much time until his first single „Gas or Grass EP“ was released in 2010.
Now Madpac has released 37 songs at his SoundCloud page and 28 of them are his own original creation. Madpac has also achieved a really pleasant teamwork with his childhood friend Ms. Henno, whose vocals are richening several tracks amongst these 37.
Now, Madpac is still producing fine electronic music and at the beginning of 2013 he and Ms. Henno released a jazz-electronic album „Ms. Henno – Sõrme Otsaga“ for free. (

2009: Funky Harry – Think About Me (Madpac Remix) [B-Fiesta]
2010: Chris Mil – Dreaming Of You (Madpac Remix) [In Deep Records]
Madpac – Gas or Grass EP [D-Lab Records]
2011 Microphunk & HouseRiders – Close Your Eyes (Madpac Remix) [Aenaria Music]
2012 Madpac – Calling [Manchester Underground Music]

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