Prommer & Barck – The Machine

Artist: Prommer & Barck
Title: The Machine (Drum and Bass) / I Want You / The Machine (Original) / (PasKal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
Cat No: Derwin 008-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: liking the machine ! Alex Kenning / a really great packege! I still do love the freestyle approach here. all versions have sth stpecial. Trickski / Daniel / Excellent ep. Full support from X-Press 2 !! Diesel / Great sound guys, im dfntly gonna be playing the remix of The Machine out – nice 1 ! Simbad / P&UA smash it again! Dom Servini / Wah Wah 45s / I really like the stripped back mix – but the paskal remix is really good too. Ewan Pearson / i want you is my fav thx Joyce Munizion / These are really cool! Sleazy McQueen / …. and the snake told Eve to take a bite of the “Apple” … Man Machine > Ancient Dreams > New Religion . Christian Pronovost / brilliant I love it Luke Solomon / Very dancy, fun album! Michael Bratton / machine drum&bass + i want you are awesome! Nuno dos Santos / WOW Sam Bailey / Quality, per usual, from P&B; the Paskal & Urban Absolutes mix is deep! Velanche / quite interesting reinterpretation of “drumandbass”, loving it a lot Tensnake

Info: Prommer & Barck, consisting of Christian Prommer and Alex Barck, were quite busy touring the western and eastern world (Japan, Beijing, Singapore, Russia) straight after the release of their debut album Alex And The Grizzly. The album was surrounded by several singles and remixes in 2011 and 2012.

While playing big stages and smaller clubs alike, the production team came up with fresh versions of their originals and also some exclusive tracks and songs, which were created along the way on tour.

I Want You and The Machine are new recordings that emerged from their live gigs. Their passion for details and enchanting playfulness at once are evident in every aspect of their work. We could even say: I Want You is cut out directly of one of their live sets. For The Machine they invited Berlin singer Flinte Voss, who’s the voice behind the project Neve Naive. Her lyrics getting to the bottom of the cultural and human aspects of the modern computer-controlled world, scrutinizing the human relation to a formatted electronic behaviour.

The slo-mo Drum and Bass mix is a real outstanding hybrid and a dance-genre connector. „I Want You“ is the slick house smash with gusto! Finally there is a slow motion house stomper remix by Paskal & Urban Absolutes, which expands this EP not only for dancers also for lovers.

„There is a new religion….“

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