Compost Black Label 94

Artist: V.A.
Title: Ransd (Philipp Stoya) / Club Chateau (Lukas Bohlender) / Overloaded (Martin Brodin)
Cat No: CPT 411-1
Format: 12″ / Download
Releasedate: Vinyl / 22.02.2013

Quotes: P.Stoya ‘s track is phatt! Bohlender for the ladies Sven Väth / oh yes, wonky as hell but i love it Solomon / That is indeed an interesting release…I think “Club Chateau” could be the one for me but the Martin Brodin shuffle seems quite interesting to check out as well… Rainer Trueby / The Stoya track is a killer!!! The other tracks are great too! Cool mini comp! Kasper Bjorke / Nice split Ep from Compost, loving Rands and Club Chateau also Tensnake / Club Château is nice! Andre Lodemann / Club Chateau is a real Beauty! Love it! Alexander Maier / Ransd is nice ! Richard Dorfmeister / i’m a sucker for this shuffle stuff. overload is a TUNE Malente / Nice Danny Krivit / Club Chateau is the one for me. Thanks Marco Ressmann / Stoya standing out! Franksen / Cool collection of tracks! Will try them all! Nuno dos Santos Overloaded is beyond dope, at the omega level of hotness. Very well Done. Mark Farina / Philipp Stoya did something really good here Catz n Dogz / 3Channels / Deep & original tunes yes i diiiiig that !!! Playin / Chartin thanx guys keep it up / SimbadNice varied release! Will be playing for sure Roberto Rodriguez / epic EP, gonna try these out for sure Jacques Renault / Runaway

Info: Wow! Rough techno and moody house on one EP. A top variety, an other undercover banger EP on Compost Black. Let’s play a Royal Flash with this one…. No time to waste, it’s showtime!

Philipp Stoya first musical experience started in the well known club “Kassablanca” which is strongly linked to a famous local label, he explored clubs like “Muna”, Leipzigs “Distillery”, Hamburgs “BaalSaal”, Berlin´s “Kleine Reise” or notorious “Berghain”,
After his first released track “Triohu” on Compost Black Label #83, Philipp decided to take a little distance from clubbing and get more focused on producing. He lingers this summer at “Fusion Festival” sitting right next to the “Turmbühne” where he thought about what Christian Prommer said: 
”It is not about getting coolness, it´s about to be satisfied with your own production and see how the music reaches the people on a emotional level.“ 
Philipp finished his second musical piece „Ransd“ in order to bring the „partyfist in the air“. Check out Philipp Stoya´s remixes coming out soon for: Marbert Rocel „Lax Sax“, Siff Sicious „Fisten“ and Madpac „Angry Nerds“. We are excited.

Lukas Bohlender is living in Munich. His first release is a beatiful deep layered paddy house track. The title refers to the little club, where his parents met at in the 70′s. Hence ‘Club Château’ is to a certain extent the birthplace of his music. And at the same time embodies his search for the perfect loop.

Martin Brodin, producer and DJ, start up with Sweden’s deep-house label „Deeplay Music“ in 2005 he decided to go back to his roots and founding the label MB Disco in 2010. Influenced by his collection of dusty and rare vinyls, which comes from the Seventies to mid Eighties. He will release his debut album „Bla Bla Bla“ fall/winter 2012 on MB Disco. Previous release on Buzzin Fly, Mood Music, Gomma Dance Tracks, Mullett Records have been hammered by the likes of Aeroplane, The Glimmers, Tensnake and Erol.

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