Compost Black Label 96

Artist: Rey & Kjavik
Title: Hwmym / Joker / Aceback
Cat No: CPT413-3
Format: Download

Quotes: All tracks are very nice! Full support! Ralph Lawson / “Hwmym” is at the omega level of hotness, which is just about as high as you can get. Saddle up a pony and give your spurs a kick. Mark Farina / Nice 3 tracker. will try them out all. Alexander Maier / Like the fun apporach of the guys! Malente / Dope, dope, dope. love it! Trickski (Daniel) / Nice collection of deep and groovy house goodness Velanche / Loving the vibes! Raw and cool. Roberto Rodriguez / Manolo / Hymym is the pick for me  Roual Galloway / Cool Sample Vox …Cool Vibe DJ Pippi / Kebra / 1&2 are ace! Phonique / Nice! DJ Aroma / great peaktime material. thank you! will play DJ Friction (Bodymovin) / always goood! keep it coming  Johnwaynes

Info: Rey & Kjavik keep the heavy basslines rolling. Three dancefloor bangers, just straight peaktime business, flavoured with some catchy vocal samples.

Rey & Kjavik is the brainchild of Magnús Rey and Ísak Kjavik.
Two guys from the middle of fuckin’ nowhere, which choose to stay anonymous. The secret of a fluke brought this two individual underground producer together. It’s ice-cold refreshment and musical dopeness what comes out of the studio right now. Follow this crazy talents!

Check out the Rey & Kjavik EP ́s on Compost Black Label, Kindisch (sublabel of Get Physical) or King Street Sounds/Nite Grooves. A Remix for Soundealers and their famous edits for Acts like Gotye, Tyga & Yazoo. More EP ́s out soon. Keep the music in fore. Home is where the heart is beating.

All Alone Video:
Podcast collection:

Rey & Kjavik – Wooden Chapter EP (on Kindisch / March 2012)
Rey & Kjavik – Black Label #86 (on Compost / April 2012)
Rey & Kjavik – I Know You Want Me Remix (on King Street Sounds / July 2012)
Rey & Kjavik – Black Label #89 (on Compost / August 2012)
Rey & Kjavik – Black Label #91 (out on Compost / October 2012)
Rey & Kjavik – Animal vs. Beast EP (on Nite Grooves / October 2012)

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