Compost Black Label 91

Artist: Rey & Kjavik
Title: 29 Soul / Lost
Cat No: CPT406-3
Format: Download

Quotes: Yeah! this is cool. Sleazy McQueen / Totally love rey & kjavik. Shir Khan / Quite obviously 29soul will work just fine on the dancefloors. SHOW-B / Nice! Malente / Big ascending riffs on 29 Soul sounding so good … Ewan Pearson / Deep, quirky and lush, in the crate you go, 4am here we come. Mark Farina / Great vibe on both tracks Robert Owens / Both tracks are nice…always like the vibe of their tracks…lost is my favourite here… Martin Landsky / Wow, really like 29 Soul a lot. Sort of reminds me of New York mid-90s. Very groovy and deep and really fucking DRAMATIC something that is sadly lacking in most house music nowadays. Lost also very good. Bill Brewster / Lost all night long! Full Support! Alexander Maier / Both very srtong track ! In the box ! Christian Pronovost (Lost Heroes) / 29 soul is damn cool Franksen

Info: Rey & Kjavik are back with two true deepness bombs, heavy basslines meet moody synth mysteries, setting the world ́s dancefloors on fire!

Rey & Kjavik is the brainchild of Magnús Rey and Ísak Kjavik. Two guys from the middle of fuckin’ nowhere, which choose to stay anonymous. The secret of a fluke brought this two individual underground producer together. If you catch these crazy guys live, they let you be hooked on their musical dopeness.

Watch out for the Rey & Kjavik EP ́s on Kindisch (sublabel of Get Physical) and Compost Black Label, both out now. A remix for Soundealers on King Street Sounds (New York) and their famous edits for Acts like Gotye, Tyga & Yazoo. More EP ́s out soon on Compost Black Label and King Street Sounds.

Keep the music in fore. Home is where the heart is beating.

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