Compost Brazil Selection Vol. 1

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Brazil Selection Vol. 1 – Primavera – Samba & Bossa Beats –
compiled and mixed by Tom Burclay
Cat No: CPT 401-3
Format: Download


Info: After more than one and a half decade and more than 390 releases, Compost Records bundles some of their finest tunes as Various Artists digital download compilation albums. The variety and full spectrum of Compost’s repertoire has never or rarely been presented in form of a musical genre compilation. These releases will be compiled or DJ-mixed by Compost’s artists and are available as digital downloads, except in some rare cases very very limited as 500 CDs.

Since the early days of Compost Records, latin, especially brazilian influenced music played a major role. In the mid 90s the label started to release the renowned „Glücklich“ compilation series (Vol. I – IV – compiled by Rainer Trüby), which would collect a variety of uplifting brazilian fusion grooves and have a significant impact on new genres like NuJazz, Lounge or Chill Out.
With this selection, we present some listening pearls from that era influenced related to latin and brazilian roots. Starting with A Forest Mighty Black`s „Everything“ (1996), a lot of Compost key players like Kyoto Jazz Massive, Trüby Trio, Minus 8, Joseph Malik, Eddy Meets Yannah, Fauna Flash or Victor Davis are represented.
This selection spans the entire musical range from traditional sounding pieces e.g. Intuit´s „Criança Das Ondas“ to more modern uplifiting adaptions like Seiji´s rework on Steppah Huntah´s „Walk This Step“ or the Swell Session Remix for Ennio Morricone´s classic „The Good, The Bad And The Ugly“. The perfects moods to enjoy a Caipirinha at the beach bar and start to dance in the sands.

About Tom Burclay:

Munich resident Tom Burclay started spinning records in 1996, influenced by jazz, funk, soul and last but not least brasilian music like bossa nova or samba rock. „It´s all about a good vibe“ – that principle he followed over the years, the complex rhythms and delightful harmonies of brazilian and latin music are just essential elements to reflect that vibe. In his sets, those elements are distinctive, if it´s deep house, drum`n`base or something you maybe would call fusion breaks, always having in mind brazilian legends like Jorge Ben Jor, João Gilberto, Marcos Valle, Gilberto Gil (just to name a few…).

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