Compost Black Label 83

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Emil Seidel „Tumbling“ / Emil Seidel „Raw Dayz“ / Deo & Z-Man „Glad To Be Mad“ / Philipp Stoya „Triohu“
Cat No: CPT 391-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Emil Seide “Tumbling” is a subliminal HIT! But also the psychedelic and mystic “Triohu” from Philipp Stoya and the Deo & Z-Man track are really nice. Thanks for this GREAT release. 5/5  – Jakob Seidensticker (Wareika) / Top-notch beats and tunes; some really fine talent here. Dope! Velanche / Great e.p, Deo and Z-Man is THE track for me, superb! Fabrice Lig / Loving the release! Beautiful house music! Roberto Rodriguez / Emil Seidel is a real talent. Cool exposure here. Stoyas Triohu is also heavy. Michael Ruetten / nice one! like emils raw dayz a lot!  Jackmate / The only one I really love here is the Deo & Z-Man which is oddball enough and dramatic enough to hold my interest. Bill Brewster / Lovely EP this one! Really into all the tracks here but especially like the vibes on Triohu and Tumbling. Definitely something i look forward to trying out. nice one! Jimpster

Info: This Compost Black Label issue is not really suitable for a comfortable smooth tea party or book presentations, well why not, but this is to serve the truly fresh and delicious sconies, with the veritable slogan: Damn Young! Just give it time to strain and ready for the floor!

19 years old Emil Seidel pours two tracks on the A-side and his first trademark on vinyl. This is a true discovery from Move D, who played „Tumbling“ many many times in his sets and gave us the hint. Influenced by the begining of Chicago House, and a ten years classical cello background, Emil started to produce house music in 2009. After his debut release on New York based label We Make Names and two digital releases on Frankfurt’s Surce label, this two killer tunes approving the damn young talent.

Watch out, Emil has furter releases coming 2012 on Luna The Cat and Itchy Pig Records.

The B-side starts off with an awakening battle yell, from the DJ and producer duo Deo & Z- Man. Whilst other kids learned walking, the two residents of the Golden Pudel Club (Hamburg) and The Golden Gate (Berlin) started creating their own wicked fumbling flow. With releases on OPSM Rec. and Dekadent Schallplatten or their production for Jake the Rapper „MADD“ on Combination Records, they established quite a name over the past years. Releases on Varianz Records and Pan Ton Records will coming soon…

When was the first time Philipp Stoya, 23 years young native of Jena, took notice of a four to the floor bassdrum? It must have been the moment in the cellar of his parents house, where Mathias Veit, co-founder of the Fatplastics Recordstore, and Agent Griede (Freude am Tanzen Bookings) were living. In an early stage he listened from the aisle outside the room what the roomers were playing. Well, the bassdrum was dominant. Later on Philipp extended his deep house horizon in the room and it makes boom. By the way the two roomers were working for the famous local label Freude Am Tanzen, which was heavy duty linked to the city’s most important house techno club Kassablanca. Furthermore during a DJ-workshop with a few same minded people, Philipp Stoya aquired a taste for DJing, production, collecting records. „Triohu“ is his first release, his favorite drink is Jasmine tea.

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