NEW IN STOCK: 45 Twister (DJ Tool)

Title: 45 Twister
Size: 12″
Color: Transparent Smoky Grey

Quotes: Mein lieber Herr die Erde ist eine Scheibe und sie ist aus Vinyl… und Dein Twister is suuuper !!! Arno Stuermer / Soul-Sugar / Vienna / If you wanna mix & cut 45′s proper there’s no alternative! Florian Keller / Compost /  Alle wollen den 45twister! Ich bin begeistert! Henry Storch / Unique Records /  Zum Auflegen TOP!  DJ Mirkomachine / This little adaptor is genuss! Jon Kennedy / Grand Central / Tru Thoughts

Info:  The 45 Twister is the ultimate tool for every DJ playing 45 singles (7“). This product guarantees that the 7 inches are able to scratch, mix and cut perfectly as a 12 inch! Beatjuggling, contest scraching – no problem anymore! The 45 Twister works on every turntable, because it is a precision product made in EU of best stabile material, perfect measured 45 compatible, plus a super soft-rubber surface mat. This high grade tool guarantees the fastest and safest way to play your 7 inches. The „45 Twister“ was developed and designed by DJ Enne. The base colour of the 45 Twister is: TRANSPARENT SMOKY GREY

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