Compost Jazz Selection Vol. 2

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Jazz Selection Vol. 2 Crosswinds – Compost Jazz Affairs compiled and mixed Rupert & Mennert
Cat No: CPT 388-0 / -3
Format: CD-Cardbord / Download


Info: After the first volume of the Compost Jazz Selection there were still so many tracks in the vault that could be used for a second compilation. So Rupert & Mennert started to dig again for all the beautiful gems that were still tucked away waiting to re-shine! For this second volume they took a more smooth-jazz approach with an occasional bite. This gives way for tracks from the likes of Marbert Rocel, Burnt Friedman, Alif Tree, Salvador Group, Les Gammas, The Cinematic Orchestra, Kaos, Mystéfy, Joseph Malik and Nuspirit Helsinki!
The mix is a perfect blend. It will be an interesting play in the jazz cafe as well as at home, in the wee hours of the night, accompanied by a nice glass of wine or something stronger. While the wind is howling and the fireplace provides a comfortable warmth.

Who are Rupert&Mennert?

They reside in Den Helder, The Netherlands. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. From there they send their fine radioshow into the wide world. The show is currently re-invented. The  Sound of Swound ran for more then 200 shows. But it will be replaced by something even better: “Weird Pigs – not for copycats”. This will also run on and
Besides their love for broadcasting they produce music too. Together with Me Raabenstein they released, as Lagerfeltz, an album on Nonine Recordings, Berlin.Together with remix-work for Energie du Verre and Ensemble du Verre (Batterie Records, Hamburg) their release-roster is building. A remix on this very label is also in the making.

More information or booking: contact them directly through info(at)

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