Compost Black Label 79

Artist: TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos
Title: After Dark, My Sweet Remixes by Joash
Cat No: CPT 378-3
Format: Downlaod
Quotes: Joash Remix is superb, some images come to my head, excellent! Really like the “Something Happened”‘ instrumental Fabrice Lig / i love the album. the instrumentals now are also good. Karotte / Really like the Joash Remix Robert Luis / thanks alot for sending this. that joash remix is a brave remix take! – never heard anything like that on compost in the past 14 years… besides that, the “birthday” instrumental is nice. Iron Curtis / Great remix by Joash ! Great instrumentals guys dis is dope Simbad / great The album was one of my favourite of 2010, so I’m happy to have these new versions will review! Rambaud Ludovic /

Info:In an ocean of formulaic techno, preset house music and festival one hit wonders TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos eleven track debut album “After Dark, My Sweet” (with remarkable artwork by Amsterdam graffiti hero Delta) indeed is a flashing bright red beacon to hold on to. Upon demand we finally present the instrumental versions of some of the most respected album tracks, plus a superb remix by Joash !

Music made without any stress or time pressure, which captures all the emotions the duo experienced, be it joy, loss or love. London based Joash proves again his musical sensitivity with a cinematic broken jazzy rework of “The Deep End”. Since his debut track ‘Salome’ was selected for Compost Record’s highly acclaimed ‘Future Sound Of Jazz’ compilation, (“Salome“ was played by Gilles Peterson more than one time at his Worldwide show), Joash has been working hard to create his brand new debut album “Don’t Fear It, Fight It”. (Remixes by TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos an others coming soon!)



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