Compost Black Label 73

Artist: TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos
Once Upon A Rhyme feat. Jemini (Melon Club Mix) / Once Upon A Rhyme feat. Jemini (Melon Dub Mix) / Birthday feat Nicolette (Llorca Remix) / This Time feat. Spunki from Marbert Rocel (Downtown Party Network Vocal Remix) / This Time (Downtown Party Network Intrumental Remix) / The Quiet Room (Rob Smith Remix)
Cat No: CPT 369-3
Format: Download

Quotes: great ep! will play and chart. Catz N Dogz / Great Package! Love This Sound! Kebra / nice, deep stuff Makossa

Info: We continue the adventures of TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos in the world of twisted emotional deep electronic music. Their recent album „After Dark, My Sweet“ (CD released June 2010 on Compost), empowered their names and reputation across the globe. You might also recognize the voice of the Canadian hip hop poet Jemini in the spoken words of „Once Upon A Rhyme“. She gave thousands of DJs a knock on the head with Nick Holder’s „No More Dating DJs“. Melon, who has managed to gain residencies and regular bookings at some of the world’s finest clubs purely by being great at spinning records, such as Fabric, Robert Johnson or Panorama Bar, adopted the track and created a highly addictive cool club mix. Straight a call to the dancers. Watch out for more remixes coming soon. Downtown Party Network is a duo from Lithuania. One half of the project is DJ Saulty, the second being an experienced music producer Bradka. They had releases e.g. on Eskimo, where they made the first steps into the nu-disco circus. They deliver here a fine deep discoish version of “This Time” feat. Spunk from Marbert Rocel, perfect listening pearl for the cold season. Ludovic Llorca (a.k.a. Art Of Tones) is well known from his output on labels such as 2020 Vision, Laurent Garnier´s F Communications (3Eps and the LP “Newcomer”), Freerange, SSOH and others. With his remix for “Birthday” feat. Nicolette, he finds the perfectly fitting groove for Nicolette´s beautiful voice and makes it to a jazzy soulful house nugget, a true pleasure! Last but not least, we got Rob Smith on the boat, from electronic music lovers surely treasured trip hop / down beat / drum´n´bass masterminds Smith & Mighty. We´re proud to have Rob shown here his interpretation of “The Quiet Room”, which turned out as a atmospheric dubby breakbeat number with a eerie touch, definitely tells its own story of a quiet room…

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