Compost Disco 03

Artist: John Gazoo
Title: What Happened / Times Square Was Not Disney World / What Happened Instrumental
Cat No: Codis 003-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Authentic quality disco with a modern twist. Full support. Dom Servini / What happened is dope. thank you Christian Prommer/ love this.. both tracks should appeal as much to the deep house crew as the disco , soul, fink , family… have tracklisted times square for faith radio next week , thanks fort the great music Stuart Patterson / nice one! many little details… This one’s workin very well! thanks. Show-B / played it twice….sounded nice! A classic! Rainer Trueby / cool oldschool vibe Magda / is it summer already? like! will play what happened in this weeks show  thanxs Rui Vargas / Amazing! Nicolas Matar

Info: As a new force on the scene, Düsseldorfer John Gazoo has never as such sought after the stage, or critical recognition. His solo project combines many different musical facets, which stand out and hit heavy, with a versatile concept that is constantly being expanded and refined. His productions reflect year round musical curiosity, experience and fresh experimentation, through which his daily musical perception is formed. As a graduate Modernist (Mods- English youth culture,) his roots lie in Jazz and Soul; a musical style that is likewise multi-facetted, and the foundation of all his ideas to come, back when John was very young. When Gilles Peterson once staged an all-nighter in London, John, driven by Jazz Fever, packed a bag, pulled the Vespa out of the garage, and embarked on a club searching road trip – an unforgettable experience of his early youth. The later ’work’ in record shops during the 90’s deepened his interest in music as a profession –finding new creativity, he discovered House Music, and dedicated himself to studio work. For John, like the whole electronic music movement, Kraftwerk (who occasionally turned up next door in a Düsseldorf studio) were a huge inspiration. Meanwhile, several years have passed, and today Gazoo doesn’t get quite so carried away, as he knows exactly where he should be going. His releases on ’Compost’, ’Raw Cutz’, ’Puzzle Trax’ and his home based label ’Le Cirque’, indicate precisely this musical direction. As winner of the Compost remix contest, he easily convinced the label with his interpretation of Alif Tree’s ’Aurevoir’ (,which got lots of plays by the Jazz Rooms guys, Jazzy Sport crew, Blair Stafford, Gilles, Mr Trueby and others) so that now his first own release comes out on Compost Disco.

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