Drumpoet Community 34

Artist: AFMB / A Forest Mighty Black
Title: Backup Days / Nasty Disposition
Cat No: DPC 034-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: oh yes, backup dayz has my hands in the air right now. i am typing with my teeth… Steve Nickolls / Backup days is reminiscent of an old school hands in the air piano tune! Josh Wink / nice one – backup days is rockin! Nasty disposition is also nice. Steve Bug / another super solid DP release that’ll work like magic on the dancefloor. Looking forward to giving both tracks a proper rinsing out. thanks again for the great music. Jimpster

Info: AFMB is a heavyweight when it comes to music. In the 90′s he delievered the first Compost release as A Forest Mighty Black and was a central figure in the Trip Hop / NuJazz Scene.  Since a few years he lives in Zurich and produces with Alex Dallas as The Lost Men detroit-tingled House music for the drumpoet.comMUNITY. He has already released a great 12″ as AFMB which gained much attention in the clubworld. Now he’s back with this 12″ and delievers a euphoric dancefloor anthem entitled Back up days. Going back to the early days of house and still manages to step into the future. This track works like a bomb and creates a huge atmosphere. Hands in the air is the usual response. On the flipside is the more techy “Nasty dispositions” and has tribal approach to it. For us this just the way a DPC release should sound and we reckon that it’s gonna be huge as the quality is outstanding. But there’s nothing better than listening yourself. We thank you for your time and hope you like it as much as we do.

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