Compost Black Label 69

Artist: Roberto Rodriguez
Title: Ride With Me (Burnt Island Casuals Remix) / Ride With Me (Matthias Meyer Remix)
Cat No: CPT 361-1 / CPT 361-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: great ep! will play and chart thx catz n dogz / Great Package! Love It This Sound! Kebra / nice, deep stuff Makossa / wow i like burnt island casuals but there’s about 4 to many mixes from them here. I’m digging the straight Dub version. Favorite here is the Pot_On Remix. Will definitely get crazy with that at some point. Go Compost! Justin Miller

Info: If it is about contemporary house music, there is no way of avoiding the northern DJ’s & producers. First and foremost with Roberto Rodriguez aka Manolo, who has shaped his personal funk infected old-school vibe over the last years and helped the house revive without forgetting from where it came from. His Future Beat Investigators strictly followed the Detroit heritage and his Acid Kings membership gave us lust for the Roland TB 303 again. The Bermuda project came back to Cosmic again and had more than an impact on the nudisco styles. It is his pertinent mix of soulful, funky & functional dancefloor and his his effective productions who convinced the tastemakers worldwide and prepared his ground for remix jobs on Bellringer´s  Sunrising/ Connaisseur, Superstition´s classic Schöneberg from Marmion or Yoko Ono´s Give me Something. Not to forget his latest release “Lose Myself” as Manolo on Delusions of Grandeur. Here comes a package with remixes of his “Ride With Me” release featuring Max C., originally released on Compost Black Label in may 2008, and with mixes from Burnt Island Casuals Remix  (aka The Revenge), Mathias Meyer, you know him from “Liebe Detail” beat down release “Infinity”. Pol-On, a further excellent polish export and Alex Danilov, the “Deephouselover”, produced a mixture of deep / techy house plus a bit of slow-mo funk and check out the new Roberto Rodriguez track “I Know You´re Mine”…

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