Compost Black Label 68

Artist: Marbert Rocel
Title: Mischa (Mathias Kaden Mischa Goes Deep Remix) / Love Me (Sevensol & Bender Halloween Remix) / Goya (Juju & Jordash Remix) / Your Bed (Penner & Muder Remix)
Cat No: CPT 359-1 / CPT 359-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Mathias Kaden - hypnotic track, i like it! Magda / strong release.can’t decide what I like most. Thank you Alex Barck / Awesome !!! Eight (eight !!!) excellent remixes. Lovin the ‘love me remix’, the ’goya’ remixes, both versions of ‘mischa’ - Great record! Llorca / pretty nice remix package. the mixes of mathias kaden, penner & muder and sevenson & bender are my picks here. Marco Resmann / Good package. All great mixes for different situations… Josh Wink

Info: After Marbert Rocel released their second album “Catch A Bird” on Compost in autumn 2009, a lot of odd birds did some remixes for them. It took it´s time but now we present you a marvellous collection: Mischa – Mathias Kaden – Mischa Goes Deep Remix – there´s no need to introduce this guy. Mathias Kaden made a tasty remix and a dub version – tight and opaque like the lea. Love Me – Sevensol & Bender Halloween Remix – a remix from the crazy horses of Kann Records from Leipzig – smooth and floating like their nights. Deep and jazzy. A true winner here. We tested this at many floors and dozen of people asking : who what is this! This is Michael Reinboth’s secret weapon and remix of the month ! Goya – Juju & Jordash Remix – you may say it´s for the balearic moments in life. And yes, you´re right! The guys from Benelux are anyway hot at the moment with their Detroit meets Balearic style on Philpot or their remix for Boohgaloo Zoo. Yeah another winner and fantastic baleraric meets house journey. Yeah! Your Bed – Penner & Muder Remix – a well working piano house remix, that goes round and round and …if you know their album on Sasse’s Mood imperium, or their other works and remixes and you’ll know where they coming from and going to…: boom bang bass boom! Love Me – Good Guy Mikesh And Filburt Remix – our favorite – feels like a good friend you haven´t seen for a long time. They have had so nice and ohsogood releases on Permanent Vacation or Tensnakes’s label Mirau, so the two are both good guys. Wide Awake – Lila Bungalow Remix – a melodic, unagitated remix by a promising band from Erfurt. Chambers – Boy Talk Remix – with their lucent remix these talking dolphins from Leipzig lead you through a park of mirage. Goya – Shahrokh Dini the Iran-Germany matador house the floor another and another time.

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