Compost Black Label 64

Artist: TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos feat. Robert Owens
Title: Where Were You feat. Robert Owens (Techno Dub) / Where Were You (Techno Dub Instrumental) / Where Were You feat. Robert Owens (Kirk Degioorgio Remix) / Where Were You (Kirk Degiorgio Remix Instrumental) / Emerald Bay feat. Edward Capel
Cat No: 352-3
Format: Download

Quotes: Lovin it! Kirk remix is nice, sweet and deep while the techno dub is an absolute oldskool warehouse driving slammer! This is gonna get played! Melon / Great release! Love the Techno Dub. And the Instrumental remix by Kirk De Giorgio is great for starting the night! Edwin Oosterwal (Rejected) / This is by far the best promo I received in weeks! I absolutely love it!! The instumental versions I like the best, the original will be a dancefloor bomb for Queensday and the Kirk Degiorgio remix is lovely. Full support! Estroe (Connaiseur) / Haunting and driving shit, really liking the techno dub vocal mix. With a powerful backbone, Robert Owen’s voice really starts to shine. Multi-purpose weapon! Patrice Baumel / „Great release! I love the Techno Dub mix! Will hammer this! Remixes are superb too! Full support!!! Nicolas Masseyeff

Info: After the crowdpleasing epic ‘Merging’, TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos release their second single featuring house legend Robert Owens. For the original version of the song you’ll have to wait until the release of their debut album “After Dark, My Sweet” in June,  which features eleven all-new tracks and vocals from Robert Owens, Jemeni, Nicolette and Spunk from Marbert Rocel. Here long-time friend Kirk Degiorgio delivers a lush house remix, while TJ & Nuno themselves take the track into sweaty late-night territory. The artwork piece for the album is made by the genius Delta (from Defumo Org.)

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