Marsmobil – (Why Don´t You Take) The Other Side

Artist: Marsmobil
Title: (Why Don´t You Take) The Other Side
Cat No: CPT 349-2 / CPT 349-3
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Like ´Zombies` 2010 – wonderful psychedelic! Markus Acher (The Notwist) / Marsmobil’s new single is more than slamming DJ Hell / Amazing, that sparkles in my ears! Henrik Schwarz / Unusual as always!  Klaus Doldinger

Info: Discover The Other Side of Marsmobil! (Why Don’t You Take) The Other Side is the long awaited new album by Marsmobil “This One Is About Us”. About everyone. About the battles within. The two sides of a coin and how we flip them or hide one of them. About decisions. Day by day. How we picture ourselves as One being, driven by One force, in One direction although the truth hidden deep inside ourselves speaks a different language, much more diverse, much more controversial and almost certainly not matching this idealized Oneness we daily enact. We are not One Out Of Many we are indeed Many Out Of Many. E Pluribus plures - Multiple personalities. Almost like those multiple nuclear warheads hidden in shelters deep beneath the earth that appear to be One rocket but once triggered… So why don’t We take the other side. Why don’t You take the other side. Or to be more precise The Other Sides since there are so many of them.

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