Compost Black Label 62

Artist: Christian Prommer & The Compost Family
Title: Happy Birthday
Cat No: CPT 351-3
Format: Download

Quotes: Funny track… and a very special gift !! Happy birthday – and please give us another 15 years or great music Llorca / All the quality and deepness that I expect from Prommer. great tune. Tedd Patterson / Indeed, best birthday wishes to Michael, and big ups to Compost; big moments, indeed! Nice grooves and beats from Mr. Prommer; dig! Velanche

Info: Sauverrückt! The Compost birthday anthem, dedicated to the 15 years of Compost Records and 50th birthday of founder Michael Reinboth. Tune written and conducted by the famous lovely Christian „Grizzly“ Prommer. Michael says mille grazie, thank you very much indeed, respect, arrigato, muchas gracias, d a n k e, merci beaucoup!!!

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