Compost Hip Hop Selection

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Hip Hop Selection – 2Hot 2Cold 2Tough – Compost Hip Hop Choice – compiled by Sepalot
Cat No: CPT 314-3
Format: Download

Quotes: Sepalot shifts effortlessly between hip-hop, eletronica, rap and any other imaginable related genre on the new album, “Red Handed”. Sepalot, as a musician, is hip-hop’s answer to Prince, before Prince became the artist formerly known as. This is hip-hop beyond hip-hop, where the genre of hip-hop merges with other musical forms to create a mish-mash of sounds a far cry from the music of hip-hop’s forefathers. Tim Kernutt (backstage pass) / This Sepalot Release is absolutely blinding. The instrumentals are heavy on their own. A breath of fresh air. Justin (UnaBomber, Electric Chair, Xfm) / If u don’t realize the compound of musical richness in this album then you have to be deaf on both ears. Norbert Schiegl (Juice)

Info: Sepalot is one of the top hip-hop DJs in Germany with an open minded attitude, he is a famously ardent purveyor  of all kind of hip-hop related styles, well his long term experience in production, mixing and performing live makes him unique. He had several top 10 charts entries with one of the most famous German hip-hop outfits called Blumentopf. Check also his very respected and highly acclaimed solo album „Red Handed” on Compost Records.

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