Compost Black Label 50

Artist: Peter Kruder
Title: After The Dawn / Before Night Falls
Cat No: CPT 334-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Both are really nice deep, hypnotic tracks with a kick drum that will allow you to rock in varried sets. Look forward to playing. Josh Wink / Love After The Dawn. Great vibe! Joris Voorn / yesyesyesyes. Before Nught Falls is a deep tune. PK is in top shape 5/5 Christian Prommer / After the dawn is a killer track – deserved to play at the right moment in a set. cant wait to see dancefloor reactions on this one. Oh, very beautiful 50th release by the way ! Llorca

Name: Peter Kruder
Aliases: Peace Orchestra
Groups: Voom Voom, Kruder and Dorfmeister
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Labels: G-Stone Recordings, Compost, !K7
Booking: Electric Chair
Size of record collection: 6 Ikea Expedit A 2500
Since when do your work as a DJ: 1987
Number of groupies: Subject to my biography
Highest excess luggage at the airport: 63 Kilos
How long can you play as a DJ: 10 hours
Preferred BPM: 0 – 170
Number of self produced tracks: …
Where was your first DJ experience: Youth Centre Ottakring, Vienna, 1983
First record: Carl Douglas ‘Kung Fu Fighting’
Idol: ‘The Dude’ in the Big Lebowski
Your vice/drug: Parisienne
Your saying/views on life: Even the most embarrassing moment in your life can make a wonderful page in your biography.
Worst record a fan asked you to play: A copy of Ike and Tina Turners ‘Nutbush city limits’ that the guy brought to the club and offered me $100 to play it. I was poor and I needed the $$$.
Best thing about being a DJ: Seeing excited dancing ladies
Worst thing about being a DJ: Their excited boyfriends
Most beautiful compliment while DJ’ing: “You’ve just creamed my pants baby”, by a girl in Miami.
Most embarrassing favourite record: The Flirts ‘Passion’
What do you read on the toilet: G-Stone Book
Most favourite place: My bed
Do you like cooking/what: Pasta Don Pedro Forte
Who would you like to invite for dinner/Respective go out for dinner: Jesus
Most favourite country for DJ’ing: It’s beautiful everywhere, all you need is two turntables and a freakin’ crowd.

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