Drumpoet Community 24

Artist: Soultourist
Title: Fo Eva EP
Cat No: DPC 024-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: congrats to another smashing EP, sittin here and nodding my head of to those super sharp shoots from the DP camp, will play them all, as soon i get the chance. Matt Flores / ”Wild Cats” is great. I really like the deepness and vibe it creates. Perfect tool to start the night with. Can’t wait to play this one in the club. Dplay

Info: Yeah, our favourite B-Boy-House-Band Soultourist is back with old strength! The Boys from Zurich established a unique style of house-music, which is based on Boogie and Hip Hop as well as Dub and Techno. Soultourist is consisting of the producers Foster, Thabo, Big Clap and Ron Shiller. Their refreshing productions have been in the playlist of tasteful DJs and Ron Shiller’s DJ-Sets at the Zukunft made them some serious fans. By the way Ron is also running Drumpoet with Alex Dallas and therefore Soultourist’s trademark have to be mentioned and credited as stylecoining also for the label. The „Fo Eva EP“ is a timeless beauty with different shades. The title track is a booty-bouncing dubhouse tune, which is reducing to the max to let the bassline and the beatz shine. Wild Catz is definitely bringing back memories to their 2007 hit „Turn Loose“ and with “Televised” they are expressing their peak-time moments. Gruber & Nürnberg from Germany delivered a serious remix of „Fo Eva“ and you can be sure that this one will be big for fans of the new german house movement. All in all it’s just a great work and they can certainly be proud of their originality.

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