Compost Black Label 38

Artist: Johnwaynes
Title: Seaside / Nina S. / Glittering
Cat No: CPT 307-1 / CPT 307-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: We like it and we will play it!! Michi Beck / Oh yeah! Just when you thought the neo deephouse thang is over this little pearl of a record comes out, three thumbs up. Will play, list and tell friends to buy! Gooood shit Crowdpleaser / Nina S. – yes! And I’m really into the other tracks too, Seaside is  really hypnotic as well. Urgently needed for the weekend Deetron / ..perfect tune!! Full support garanty!! Lorenzo Pizzileo Nina S is the one for me. niiicccee! Nathan McLay

Info: From the north of Portugal, Johnwaynes are Jepe and MrBeat. Formed 4 years From the north of Portugal, Johnwaynes are Jepe and MrBeat. Formed 4 years ago, the journey began occasionally with the invitation of the Portuguese pop band “Loto” for remixing one of the album singles. Jepe, is a music collector and a DJ since 1995. Actually he is book manager of one of the best Portuguese house clubs called “ Estacao da luz” and its Saturday nights famous nights DJ. MrBeat (Antonio Bastos) , musician since he was born, with several masters in jazz formation, percussion and new musical technologies, is the real live stage man! Owner of his own studio he produces several rock bands , Portuguese traditional music and chorals, uses to play around the country invited by the all kinds off musicians from soul, funky, new jazz to fado and celtic. Johnwaynes released their first work on the debut Portuguese label Bloop with the track “violeta” appearing on several dj charts around. Recently released, the “retouch” e.p on Duriez and friend Llorca Brique Rouge achieving worldwide recognition! On Compost Family , 3 records on blacklabel , after the Hit “Muzzle” with the legendary voice of “tower of Power” Hubert Tubbs  they became known as the guys of  huge classic Piazolla remake! Libertango! Lots of airplay on national and international radios and on Mtv! Summer 2009 was the disco experience releasing on Andy Blakes Dissident records , one of the last  prints of the label. Much much more to come! On 2010!

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