Mystéfy – Spark Within

Artist: Mystéfy
Title: Spark Within
Cat No: CPT 290-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Roger Odell (Shakatak) loves Mystéfy’s voice – ever since her first guest appearance at his “jazznights” live music series – and legendary producer Bob Rose (Beach Boys, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Julian Lennon,…) noticeably states: “With Spark Within a new voice finds its much deserved place in the world of soulful and sexy music. Mystéfy is not just another singer but another legend in the making. Her voice. Sometimes sweet, sometimes not, but always pure sexy breathy brilliance. If talent is any basis for success then she will take her place alongside the best!”

Info: A voice – mellow, unvarnished and full of warmth. While pop music spins with ever greater glare and über-sound effects, Mystéfy exudes sensuality, soul and pure sensibility. Accompanied simply by piano, double bass and drums, the sparse arrangements allow for a wonderful, relaxed yet tantalizing album: Spark Within. Nine of the twelve songs were self-penned by Mystéfy and pianist Roberto DiGioia (Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Joe Lovano, Albert Mangelsdorff, and his very own project Marsmobil). The trio was completed by world class bassist Dieter Ilg (Rebekka Bakken, Charlie Mariano, Till Brönner…) and drummer Matteo Scrimali (Freundeskreis, Max Herre). Christian Prommer (currently highly acclaimed for his ‘Drumlessons’ project, but also know for Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio, Voom Voom) functioned as a producer.

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