Marbert Rocel – Cornflake Boy Remix EP

Artist: Marbert Rocel
Title:  Cornflake Boy / Cornflake Boy (Solomun Remix – Dub) / ’cause You (John Daly Remix) / The Harder They Come (Krause Duo Remix)
Cat No: CPT 292-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Both the john daly mix + solomun dub are great! Kiki / All nods to the house mafia here… all strong deep and for the floor… great selection, great EP great label. Tim Faberge / I’m simply in love with anything John Daly does and this remix is no exception! Amazing!!!!! Hurra, Manuel Tur / Great set of mixes here… Solomun not a million miles away from Planet E and the Metaboman is prob my fave on the first listen. Simon Harrison / krause duo/metaboman remix is great! Steffen Bennemann

Info: On this 12“ you find remixes done by Solomun , one of the toptop best stunning house producers at the moment who had massive success with his stuff on Diynamic, like „Steppenwolf“ or „Eiszauber“.  His dub version here already getting such a similar buzz, well it is sheer deep perc minimal but musical house with this beautiful strings coming in. Yeah yeah, and watch out a new Solomun EP will coming in August on Compost Black Label. Another don of the moment sums up this amazing remix package: John Daly from Ireland  (check his EPs on Wave Rec) and we may can tell you for sure : this mix is dope deep daly and already a favorite by nearly all Drumpoet Community and Black Label artists /DJs. Last but not least Marbert Rocel’s close friends and close Thuringia neighbors Krause Duo (Freude am Tanzen) completing this EP.

Marcel Aue, Robert Krause and Antje Seifarth have always known how to melt down the ears and the sneaker soles of their fellow Thuringias with their House-Jazz-Frickel-Elektroniko-Vinyl-Tinned-Music-Performance. Marbert Rocel don’t produce „tracks“ – their compositions are dealing with intensive emotions in that come about swiftly but also can diesappear just as quick as they turned up. They take this fast paced ephemerality as integrated concept that pairs lovely melodies with swinging house beats.
You got to be patient when crossing Marbert Rocel’s path late at night or listening to one of their tracks because you will start thumbing with your eyelashes until you see your whole body turning into a non-stop wet wet wriggling waterfall-esque armpits inclusive!

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