Elaste 2 – compiled by Tom Wieland

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 2 – compiled by Tom Wieland
Cat No: CPT 280-1 / CPT 280-2 / CPT 280-3
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: In the beginning there was… the Munich Music Machine: when Giorgio Moroder entered the US billboard charts in 1977 with Donna Summers erotic epos titled, “I Feel Love”, a new music style was born. A combination of influences from Motown & Philly Soul to German Electronica & Kraut Rock Giorgio Moroder helped shape a new sound, a sound that still can be considered as one of the blueprints for today´s electronic dance music: the bass drum & bass sound with repetitive synthesizer loops as still used in thousands of techno and house productions today.

The new sound of the Munich machine soon became mainstream, “Saturday Night Fever“ was the last call of the kitschy hedonistic Disco before New Wave & Punk became the soundtrack of the urban Hipsters across Western Europe. Underground Disco Culture like in NYC`s The Loft or the Paradise Garage hardly caught on in Europe. With the exception of the Northern Soul scene in the UK or Danielle Baldelli´s pre-cosmic music club nights at Baia degli Angeli in Italy, dance music had to wait a couple of years for a new phoenix rising. In the early 80´s Disco almost became a bad word for music lovers. Finally, another classic: Rufus & Chaka Khan´s “Ain´t Nobody” in the Hallucinogenic remix is one of Frankie Knuckles finest remixer moments – a true end of the night anthem from 1991. A new decade has just begun. Enjoy!

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