Compost Black Label 34

Artist:Jay Shepheard
Title: Classic Reality / The Pepper Jam / Pipes N Sneakers (Manuel Tur & DPlay Remix) / Arrowhead County
Cat No: CPT 294-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Lovely! the “pipes & sneakers” remix is clearly my fave of the pack, but “arrowhead country” is great too as is “pepper jam” reminding me slightly on something like “plastic dreams” or similar when that organ hits in… Nice release for summer! Kiki (Bpitch) / REALLY LIKE THE MANUEL TUR AND DPLAY MIX.. REALLY LAID BACK;. RIGHT WHAT WE NEED FOR THIS SUMMER ! Frank Roger / nice warm summer vibes, all tracks cool Robert Owens / Wow! This EP is full of gems! Really love all the tracks, from first to last. The Manuel Tur&DPlay remix is wonderful. DJ Rocca / all tracks are good but favourite is the last one! Steffen Bennemann

Info: Black Label #34 sees the return of new Compost signing Jay Shepheard for his 3rd Artist EP release. Once again we have 4 tracks lying somewhere between house, disco and techno – all featuring Jays unique trademark sound that earned him a nomination as Best Deep House artist of 2007 in the Beatport awards. Kicking off the EP on the A1 is “Classic Reality”, a real characteristic groover, simple but deadly on the dancefloor with its Moog bass, italo tinged syncopated synth riff and infectious key changes all tied together with sharp, snappy percussion. The A2 sees a step up in tempo with “The Pepper Jam”. Built around a low filtered bass hook this one harks back to the early days of house while maintaining a live jam feel throughout the arrangement with its melodic Rhodes, deep pads, spacey leads and retro beats. Moving to the flip side, fellow Compost deep housers Manuel Tur & Dplay deliver a stunning remix of Jays 2007 hit Pipes N Sneakers, adding their own distinctive flavour and a new key change element to that killer original hook. To finish up Jay delivers deeper minimal excursion with “Arrowhead County”. This low slung slow builder layers up from a simple repeating groove with underlying pads and mutates into a subtley euphoric dance floor number ideal for late night / early morning action….


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