Drumpoet Community 12 EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Quiet Before The Storm (Quarion Remix) / Coming Soon (Soultourist) / Heard:Unhurt (The Lost Men) / Movin’ On (Kawabata)
Cat No: DPC 012-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Great deepness here… can’t really tear them apart.. all on the level deepness filed under proper house music.. Tim Faberge / This is sounding really good. the kind of stuff that sounds great down the club ,in the car or at home. I look forward to hearing the full compilation, it’s the kind of stuff i love to hear early evening or early morning. This ep sounds lovely, showcasing the super talents of the drumpoet community… house music that is slick and soulful. Tristan / ABSOLUTE fantastic release!!!!! totally my thing.. exactly the music I wanna hear and I wanna play..probably my favorite label right now.. seriously..thanx again… Reynold

Info: Welcome along to the first Drumpoet compilation entitled „Drumpoems Verse 1“. The drumpoet.comMUNITY was founded 2005 in Zurich to remusicalize the cold and sometimes boring schemes of clubland. It was time to bring back the warmth and soul to the dancefloor. The general vibe is rather releaxed than hectic – a groove which seems to reflect the rhythm of Zurich perfectly and represents the constant aim for change and progressions which is another characteristic for Zoorichans. Like-minded artists like Foster, Soultourist, Kawabata aka. Lexx and The Lost Men contributed exclusive Songs, Quarion and Dixon remixed or rearranged tunes and Manuel Tur & DPlay as well as Thabo re-edited their previously released tunes for this compilation. With so much good homegrown music it was no big deal for the labelowners Alex Dallas & Ron Shiller to compile this CD. This teasing 4 track EP combines the previously unreleased tracks of Foster, Kawabata, The Lost Men and Soultourist on vinyl. Deep house heaven!

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