Drumpoet Community 13

Artist: Kawabata
Title: Persuasion / Persuasion (Serafin’s Back To New York Re-Interpretation)
Cat No: DPC 013-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: really nice warm deep stuff here i will play it Loco Dice / This is a great funky track!! Chris Russell / The original mix will do the works 4 sure…deep and lush the way it used to be. Mats (Raw Fusion) / Drumpoet community going from strength to strength! essential club tracks in 2 mixes: What do you want more. Kiki (B Pitch) / really cool release. and the remix sound really amazing! Vincent Lemieux (Musique Risquee) / if there’s a universal truth- than that: you can buy drumpoet releases -blind-! persuasion is a nice track containing an idea of the upcoming spring. and we’ll play the remix as an eraly-club-bird. Marbert Rocel

Info: Welcome along to the latest release of Zurich based label Drumpoet Community. Lexx aka Kawabata comes up with „Persuasion“ a dubby and reduced house tune with an irresistible groove. Belonging to Zurich’s finest DJs Lexx knows exactly what moves people on the dancefloor. He’s also known for his cosmic Boogie tunes on labels like Bear Funk and Permanent Vacation. As Kawabata he stands for deep and emotional dancemusic and also for a change in clubland. He’s one of those people who lives music 24/7 and so is the passion for his work. On the flip-side there’s a stunning remix by Serafin of Mountain People fame. Serafin delievers a percussive monster which is hard to resist. 100% booty shaking with the essence of house music. It’s already a big hit at the Zukunft and it’s aiming for this new and yet really old-school vibe of house. Through his past Serafin knows also how to make the Techno community jump and it’s definitely time for a change also in this genre. We think that people like The Mountain People or Sascha Dive just to name a few are opening new doors and have something important to say.

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