Future Sound Of Jazz 11 EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Salome (Joash) / Strictly Instrumental (No Theory) / Jake’s Room (Neil Landstrumm)
Cat No: 273-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: We like the the sound of the lost men. some good house stuff to get a party started. and the artwork is great! Marbert Rocel / This is great music, especially Salome by Joash! If this is the future of Jazz than Jazz still is very young. Crowdpleaser / This is an AWESOME EP! Alex Part / No Theory/Neil Landsrtumm i like it very much! this is innovative Jazz…DJ Pippi / I like the neil landstrumm work, was pretty surprised by it! Steffen Bennemann

Info: “Call this what you want – but not Jazz. John Coltrane would turn over in his grave,“ some disappointed customer wrote on Amazon about the Future Sounds Of Jazz series, unaware that the term has become a synonym with the full spectrum of modern sophisticated club music. No matter if the beats are straight or broken, up- or downtempo the music connoisseur Michael Reinboth presents rarities, exclusives and contemporary beauties – with a certain jazzy attitude at least. So welcome to the eleventh chapter of this much praised compilation series. The longevity may be the most obvious proof for its quality – and succes! This taste maker EP unites two of the exclusive tracks from the compilation: “Salome“ by the London based producer Joash and “Strictly Instrumental“ by No Theory – a new project of Pascal Schäfer and C.A. Ramirez (Sin & Soul). The Neil Landstrumm track on the b-side didn’t even made it on the final version of the compilation. This rare gem was released first in 1995 on Neil’s Paskal EP… Watch out for Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11 dropping in late October early November on Compost Records featuring tracks by Dennis Ferrer, Zernep Erbay,Koop, James Din A4, Solomun & Stimming, Blackjoy, The Invisible Session, 400 Blows, Wojtek Urbanski, Yannah Valdevit and more. Surely John Coltrane would turn over in his grave when hearing this – looking for some more room to dance!

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