Compost Black Label 24

Artist: Christian Prommer / Muallem – Houseworx Pt. 1
Title: I Came To Play /  I Came To Jack
Cat No: CPT 269-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Both tracks are very nice, classic and new, like a good entree.  I Came to Play will get lots of love. Sam Valenti / Really like the christian pommer trkkkkk House is back ! Geoffroy Mugwump / Prommer does it again, the man is on fire Alan Brown / “i came to play” is RAW!!! should do the trick on the dancefloor. Danilo Plessow / Love the 808! my favourite..This is my kinda shit..I like the muallem track! Willie Graff / a very very nice release! one of the best black labels in my eyes. will definitely chart it! Steffen Bennemann / Realy nice house vibe, deep I like that Will play for sure !! 3 Channels

Info: Just follow that dusty groove that makes your body jack and move! Blacklabel 24 features two tracks by Muallem and Christian Prommer that resulted out of a swift studio live session to overcome rainy days in Bavaria. The two analog aficionados met spontaneously in order to make an old, nearly dead TR 808 regain its powerful swing after having been unused for the past 20 years. As consequence, they recorded a 30-minute live synthesizer session and decided to work separately on that fine piece of music. The result is Houseworx Pt. One!  Two tracks that envisage the electricity of jackin’ bodies inside some old warehouse in between Chicago and Detroit. Christian Prommer, to many known as the producer of Voom:Voom and other well known projects, is currently stirring waves with various powerful remixes as well as his forthcoming Drumlesson album on Sonar Collective. “I Camen To Play” is a strictly live jammed track that never rests during 10 minutes of improvised deepness. Just try it out and watch dance floor zombies getting tanned again. A rocker for the magic moments. On the flip, Muallem’s titanic statement “I Came To Jack” makes it quite clear: “That’s what I came for and that’s what I want you to do!!!” Keep it spinning and see how crowds turn into an army of jackin’ soldiers. Influenced by his love for the early days of acid he created a rhythm that reminds us of the good old Trax vibe, merely transferred into here and now. While his debut “Frankie Splits” last year gained heavy attention as well as his remix series “Mutations”, he focused since then on his Bingo project and remixes for Voom:Voom, Terranova and others. Let’s just wait for the next rainy days!!!

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