Marbert Rocel – Beats Like Birds

Artist: Marbert Rocel
Title: Beats Like Birds
Cat No: CPT 271-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: the return of micro-house! it’s written Herbert all over. the vocals are even like Dani Siciliano. really love this! original is great, very minimal. the remix brings the jazz to the floor. tttictictac is great too… powerhouse this one Menno / beautiful production ! Pure production ! Love the original Beat Like Birds. The Dougles Reed remix is good too. A very laidback feel, love it. Vocal bit is perfect. Tictictac has a really original sounding. Like it too. Need more than one play. A real song. Greg Kozo / wonderful record, congrats! absolutely reminds me of herbert feat. dani. and douglas… well, it sounds like he wants to follow gabor’s steps as excellent remixer. Steffen Bennemann

Info: Marbert Rocel is Compost’s latest coup! The duo consisting of Marbert and Rocel, has always known how to melt down the ears of the Thürigians, the sneaker soles of hipsters, and the hearts of women everywhere with it´s  „House-Jazz-Frickel-Elektroniko-Vinyl-tinned music performance“.  But now its time to venture out, do the next thing and let the music come down to all greedy music appreciators. In times when it is harder and harder to brush your daily bread with lovely caviar, these two are some of the few with the means to fight for their daily silver cutlery. Since Marbert Rocel lives in Germany they’re not exactly able to earn their money as employees in Disneyland. This explains why they must take Mickey’s glove and mess around with wriggly beats, which one could find as the appropriate soundtrack to the Coyote’s hunt for the Road Runner. So you can now listen to the Road Runners „Miiip, Miiiip“ instead of the typical rave signals, always calling you on to dance. At this point they paint tattoos with water colors, playing Jazz from both sides of the Carrera race track, at which at no end you’ll find the boys drinking milk with honey and the color essence of old Super8 movies. Clueso and Metaboman often say that the two have „collected a lot of experiences in knowing which buttons and sine waves are best for giving life to their characters.“ Better be patient when you are crossing Marbert Rocel’s walkway late at night or while listening to their tracks, cause you’ll start thumping with your eyelashes until you see your whole body turning into a non-stop wet wriggling inclusive waterfall-esque armpit. Watch out for the debut album coming up in October!!!

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