Drumpoet Community 07

Artist: Manuel Tur & Dplay
Title: Rest Your Senses / Lobata
Cat No: DPC 007-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: manuel tur is looking good. Ben Watt / i really love this swiss label..Rest Your Senses is for the afterhour or beach…definetly my cup  of beer like it big time Naughty / must say that these tracks are the nicest that are released under dpc. Menno Jager / deep and melodious. my favorite is Lobata. Full support to the duo. Stefano Ghittoni / summer is here in full bloom and a pair of new drumpoet tunes give sunsets a very pleasant rub…drumpoet still on track! Marko Balenovic / really like these tracks. rest your senses is great serious track. lobata is perfect for warm up. Osamu M

Info: Welcome along to the seventh release of Drumpoet. It’s also the first release of our new musical friends DPlay & Manuel Tur out of Essen Germany. Their output is immense and they deliever highest quality house music. Portamento which just came out on Freerange created already on CD-R a big buzz among some of our like-minded DJ-friends and there is another 12“ on Compost Black Label coming soon by these two young and promising artists. With their own clubnights in their hometown they truly live and love the house-life and push on various levels the boundaries for a fresh and innovative new house sound. With their first release on Drumpoet they get deeper as usual and create another early morning anthem. Rest your senses is a hypnotic but extremly groovy tune which creates a euphoric reaction on the dancefloors. The arpeggio and the bouncing bass guarantee a packed floor with lots of yelling and big ups. Lobata on the flipside dives into a more cinematic vibe with strings, a solid groove and all the essential pieces for a proper deep house track. It is really a great record and we can defenetly say that these boys are fuelled for the future and we’re excited to hear more of them.

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