Compost Black Label 22

Artist: Phreek Plus One
Title: Bikini / Astro Boogie / New York Dolls
Cat No: CPT 262-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: I love the “new york dolls” track Laurent Garnier / Nice boogie eightie production . got a preference for new york dolls. remind me kind of idjut boys vibes… Franck Roger / Stand out tracks straight away. Absolutley right up my street, love them, shall be playing out this weekend for sure. Pete Herbert / Three wicked tracks… nice deep electronic grooves, just how I like my disco. Cosmic Black Label! Jay Shepheard / As always Phreek Plus One come up with another killer! Bikini is my favourite. What a nice hypnotic spaced out disco-tinged number. Awesome. Andy Warburton (Hed Kandi) / Killer break down in Bikini and New York Dolls is like Kraftwerks ‘Autobahn’ with a disco rock twist – love it Tony Garvey (Defected)

Info: Ever wondered what you would get if you order one Italo-Space-Disco-Pizza with extra bass and arpeggios. I guess you get a box with Phreek Plus One’s new Black Label EP in it… The three Italian stallions Ivan Savoldi, Allesandro Cattenati and Giovanni Guerretti are deeply influenced by the Cosmic Sound of the late 70s and early 80s. But they manage to apply those old vibes to a modern deep-house template in a virtuoso way, making their sound equally comfortable with the past and the present. On their first two 12inches they opened up “New Disco Dimensions” and then got caught in the “Cosmic Slope”. Both releases got strong support by peeps like Prins Thomas, DJ Language, Lopazz and Kaos. This time around they squeeze out more smooth, slow grooving tracks like “Bikini” and “Astro Boogie” while on the final track “New York Dolls” they even reveal a slight fondness for a glam rock attitude.

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