The Nova Dream Sequence – Interpretations EP 2

Artist: The Nova Dream Sequence
Title: Dream 8 / Dream 3 Auralox’s Convivaliterature Remix / Dream 3 DJ Yellow’s Abyssal-ienation Remix
Cat No: CPT 249-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: what can i say….quality beats all over the place…rspkt. Marmat / Dream 8 : staight ahead and dry… the way  to detroit. really cool track I like it… Shahrokh Dini / this new ep sounds fantastic! would really like to check it out on the floor… Trickski / Love Dream 8! Great track! Full support everywhere! Kikko Solaris / Really good !!! Very nice orig but the dj yellow rmx is the one to play out for me Killer Geoffroy Mugwump / I think that Dj Yellows mix is the best, very mellow, very abstract…Nice one Andy Warburton / I was in love with the Nova Dream Sequence album when it came out.Simply amazing! The DJ yellow remix on here is the one for me.Alain strykes back! Nice one. Willie Graff

Info: The return of the King: after the successful release of the Nova Dream Sequence album “Interpretations” and a worldwide club tour last year, King Britt bestows his fans in 2007 with an another fine three track EP including two remixes only available on this 12”. Joshua Sonstroem is a full-blooded artist hailing from Asheville, North Calolina. Under the moniker Auralox he is working on poetry, sculptures, video films, visuals and – guess what – music. Himself describes his sound as “the music of desiring machines – thousands of interleaved and disconjunct circuits, churning away in their happy heterogeneity, droning on and off into infinty.” But hey, the proof is in the pudding – so please check out his Convivaliterature Remix of “Dream 3” to see if his doings can cope with his words. When King Britt is labelling Nova Dream Sequence as “Sexy Tech” then the b-side of this EP is definitely the climax of this aural intercourse. DJ Yellow delivers a monstrous nine minute rework of “Dream 3”: pulsating Acid bits, trippy Trance synths and a haunting voice send you right to never-neverland. King Britt joined Yellow in 2006 for his Alienation project on Poussez! Music – this time Yellow returns the favour!

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