Compost Black Label 20

Artist: Matt Flores
Title: Blackboard Universe / Solar Winds
Cat No: CPT 253-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: this really is another killer release! especially ‘solar winds’ does it for me – so well produced! Move D / rockin´ tunes, very nice… Marlow (moonharbour) / nice deep stuff, will play both sides Tomas Barfod / “Solar Winds” is my favourtie here.Its very “in the moment” house,im sure it sounds great on a nice system Willi Graff / great release… love both intro’s..’solar winds’, is the tunage for me.. a journey aboad the cosmic space ship.. very deep, very click very good.  Tim Faberge

Info: Matt Flores – German jack of all trades, producer of Drum’n’Bass, HipHop, HipHouse, Deep House with several releases on Combination, Farside, Metromusic and Compost Black Label. After his stunning collaborations with Tyree Cooper and Michael Sauer on Black Label 5 he returns to Compost with two brand new tracks. This time Captain “Matt” Future is taking you on a 70s science fiction ride through “Blackboard Universe” steering his spaceship safely past drifting meteorites and through colourful spiral nebula straight into the “Solar Winds”. The title „Blackboard Universe“ is an allusion to Lee Perry’s classic album „Blackboard Jungle“ – a record which aroused a musical adventuresomeness in Matt when he was a teen. It pictures the mixer as a continuum, a whole world of it’s own, which is only waiting to be explored. Matt wants the listener to get curious about the vastness and deepness of space inside the music. Altough Matt used a lot of dusty analog elements in both productions, the tracks are sounding discoid and techy, somewhere between Âme and Metro Area. But the B-side „Solar Winds“ bears a stronger reference to the dancefloor because of its more percussive and compelling chords. Beats in space…

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