Ben Mono – This Is Bit-Hop

Artist: Ben Mono
Title: This Is Bit-Hop
Cat No: CPT 252-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: quality stuff, “binary poetry” is really my favorite… mellow and deep… good warming up soudz… Rui Trintaeum / Ben Mono productions are crucial affairs always worth the excitement. Don’t Stop is infectious, next level electronic funk.  Timbaland / Neptunes watch out cos Mr Mono’s European crunk is coming for y’all! Great work. Alan Gubby / Really like ‘Don’t Stop’! Nice track! Full support! Kikko Solaris / those tracks are fantastic! Minus 8 / every track kicks ass. Very different from everything i heard for while. This guy brings definitively a new and original sound. Very refreshing – And it’s funky! Llorca / since I:CUBEs ” can u deal with it” feat. the RZA i am waiting for more tracks like that, just where it got to F*** up & comercial in the late 80s, we continue hip house in the nu milenium.thats ma shit! Matt Flores

Info: Ben Mono – ambitious multi-player, producer, remixer and in demand DJ from Munich – has built himself a solid reputation in the world of advanced diskotainment during the past years. His debut album “Dual” was praised by critics for being “complex, deep, tight and authentic at the same time” (De:Bug). His tracks can be found constantly on heavy rotation in the playlists of supporters like Dave Clarke, Jazzanova, Funkstörung or Zombie Nation. Finally, after carefully polishing his latest compositions, Ben Mono is about to drop his long awaited sophomore effort: “Hit The Bit” This second album is a manifestation of a new and unique style labelled by himself as Bit-Hop! Remember when in the late 80s HipHouse was the catalyst for the fusion of rap vocals with electric dance music. It initiated a continuing metamorphose of sound steadily giving birth to new styles like Ghetto Tech, Grime, Dubstep, Hollertronix or most recently Neu Rave. Bit-Hop is the youngest offspring in this family tree. Based on catchy hooks and old school synth lines it can be described best as an amalgamtion of ingredients Ed Banger or Spank Rock would probably feel tasty too. Bit-Hop means the digital merging of different styles, a symbiosis of stripped down HipHop and booming Electro. Bit-Hop also means less beats per minute but more density in sound – a deliberately counterdraft to the current minimal affection of the German electronic music scene. This tastemaking EP combines four key cuts of the album including the two scorching club burners “Don’t Stop” (feat. Bliss & Main Flow of Mood) and “Pull Em Down” (feat. electro crunk general Shane Fontane). The futuristic slow motion funk of “Binary Poetry” is blessed by the gifted voice of Weather Girls´ backround singer Kerry L. Dooley. Pump up the volume – THIS IS BIT-HOP!

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