Sistars – Inspirations

Artist: Sistars
Title:  Inspirations / My Music
Cat No: CPT 246-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Wow… lovely release! The production is spectacular on these tracks. My favourite is the innocent sorcerers mix of ‘inspirations.’ Thanks, this really brightened up my day. Luke run the power move on ‘em… brother and sisters…Yes, the rhythm the rebel, without a pause I’m lowering my level… Oh yeeeeaah…. likin’ this one, both magically touched up by the Innocents… “My Music” – supes of the dupes Paul Gamblin / Once again Innocent sorcerers kick my heart. wicked. and the originals too are tres cool. Stefano Ghittoni / Sure shot! this amazin rmx by Poland´s finest producer & DJ crew hasn´t left my box since they gave it to me last year; love these strings and the climax; twisted future soul at it´s best. Tom Wieland

Info: Haven’t heard anything from the Sistars yet. Well this will change soon cause the band around the singing sisters Natalia and Paulina Przybysz are allready superstars in eastern Europe. Having released two No. 1 albums and being crowned the best Polish Pop Act at the MTV Music Awards they are just one step away from their international breakthrough. Sistars second album “AEIOU” is an unique mix of funk, disco, jazz, soul, R’n’B, hiphop, house and spoken word. Haven’t heard anything from the Innocent Sorcerers yet. Well then shame on you because these two talented electronica producers and DJs from Warsaw have made a name for themselves by their persistent output of great releases on labels like Fluid Ounce and Raw Fusion. Envee and Maceo Wyro are all about “blending different rhythmic patterns in order to keep people surprised without losing a vibe, like a musical journey from pyramids to spaceships, where past, present and future become one.” By listening to the outstanding remix of “Inspirations” you can experience such a musical journey. The Sorcerers pick up the classical En-Vouge-esque R’n’B sound of the original and add a jazzy two step rhythm that grooves along until the tracks suddenly turns into an uplifting piano driven anthem, reminiscent of the good old garage house days. Both remixes have been played already by Gilles Peterson and made some serious noise. Finally they see a proper release on Compost Records!

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