Compost Black Label 16

Artist: Zwicker
Title: I Get My Kicks At Nighttime / Individualizer / I Get My Kicks At Nighttime (Lexx Dub)
Cat No: CPT 240-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Come on give me a break, one shit hot release after another i’m completely disorientated, but i know this is dope! Justin UnaBomber / The new black label is fantastic!!! Cool electro disco house funkkkk sounds for break any dancefloor and the people…you know..its great!!!! Luis Zerillo / It’s easy for this style to sound contrived but this guy captures the sound with enviable gusto. The spoken/sung word vocal is an interesting commentary and critique of how shallow the nightclub scene can be – whilst still celebrating it. He speaks with an uncommmon self awareness which is unusual for a dance record at the moment. Luke Turner

Info: Word to Whodini – the freaks come out at night! Just like James Teipdek, the time travelling alter ego of swiss producer Cyril Böhler aka Tweak aka Zwicker. Remember him smashing kumquats and walking on greasy streets. This time we accompany him on his second rendez-vu with singer Olivera Stanimirov. Together they take a wild ride through the dark streets of Zurich manifesting their affection to nightlife over a bouncing electro disco tune. The next morning we find him in a more contemplative mood, sitting alone at his kitchen table with a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette lost in a stream of thought. The kick is gone but has left the warm feeling of fulfillment inside his mind transported in the reserved elegant grooves of „Individualizer“. With the dub version of “I Get My Kicks At Nightime” on the b-side we return to the discoid business but remixer Lexx is giving it a much deeper edge. No wonder if I tell you that Lexx is also know as Kawabata, who recently made much noise with his latest release “Kadena” on Drumpoet Community. With uprising producers like Zwicker and Kawabata, Switzerland soon will be recognized for more than delicious chocolate and expensive watches….

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