Marsmobil – Minx

Artist: Marsmobil
Title: Minx
Cat No: CPT 221-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Only few musicians have such sensitivity for such different worlds, like Roberto Di Gioia from Milan.Abendzeitung München / It´s a relaxed mixture of atmospheric music, a bit krudery and dorfmeistery, otherwise able to effortlessly find it´s place between Compost and Console. It seems like an understatment because Roberto Di Gioia lets the listener hardly know that he is one of the best and most versatile keyboardists that the German scene has to offer. SZ / It´s astounding what the classically trained pianist and Passport keyboardist has conjured up here. A wonderfully relaxed Downtempo album that uses Triphop atmosphere but that isn´t sad.  It grooves mercilessly without forcing itself on the listener and ambitiously quotes Jazz without being elitist….Famously grand! WOM Journal / the most wonderful and organic music of the new musical millenium. Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Info: Two labels have now decided to get down to business for this great new Marsmobil album: Compost Records and G-Stone, both by mutual agreement in a global label-cooperation just for this project. Why. We believe that together we will be stronger because we both want to do this. “Minx” was produced by Peter Kruder (peace Orchestra, Voom Voom), together with Christian Prommer (Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio, Voom Voom) and Marsmobil mastermind Roberto Di Gioia. The 2nd Marsmobil album “Minx” has challenging quotes, is both emotional as well as very personal and has the potential to reach a very big audience. The  lascivious power of Air, the family feeling of the 70´s band “America”, some of “Talk Talks” frailty…this album has all that and much more. Roberto Di Gioia´s maturity as an artist has been developing character and depth all these years. His fundamental musical training, experience, versatility and virtuosity are the ideal embodiment of (actually the rediscovery of) a new type of creativity: songwriter, musician, frontman, stylist, producer, multi-instrumentalist (piano, sitar, guitar, bass, drums, programming) In short: a Mastermind personified. Roberto Di Gioia was born in Milan in 1965. He began playing piano at age 4. His favourite music: the Beatles. In 1975 he began his studies at the musicial highschool in Eichstaett and after graduating in 1984 moved to Munich. There he began his career as a prize-winning professional musician. He became famous as the brilliant keyboarder in Klaus Doldinger´s “Passport” and has performed on almost every album and permanently toured since 1990. He has also worked with numerous American Jazz stars like Art Farmer, Johnny Griffin, Joe Lovano, James Moody, Tom Harrell, Clark Terry, Gary Peacock, Dave Holland and Woody Shaw, as well as German greats like Albert Mangelsdorff, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Udo Lindenberg, Till Brönner, Klaus Weiss and Helge Schneider.

At the end of the 1990´s Di Gioia desired a personal extension of his musical creativity: “Marsmobil” was born and manifested itself for the first time in 1999 as vinyl on Payola Records. One year later the Marsmobil song “Palak Paneer” was chosen by female director Esther Gronenborn for the Soundtrack of her film “”. Inspired by the trashy analog sound aesthetics of the 60´s and 70´s, Marmobil merges Retro and Future, Space-Pop and Burt Bacharach-like orchestrations to “the most wonderful and organic music of the new musical millenium”. (Sueddeutsche Zeitung) It´s no surprise that Di Gioia has been involved in some definitive productions in recent years like The Notwist (“Neon Golden”) Console (“Reset The Preset”) and Till Broenner (“Blue Eyed Soul”). In June 2003 he was asked by saxophonist Tim Ries to be part of a recording session for the album “Music of the Rolling Stones” with Charlie Watts, Bill Frisell and Darryl Jones. (Album: “The Rolling Stones Project”, Concord Records) ”Marsmobil´s” debut album “Strange World” (ACT Records) was the quintessence of his musical accomplishment to date. Here Jazz- elements (“Crazy 5″), Indian music (“Talam Mishra”), Lounge-Pop (“Flowers”), Ostinati (Hand in Hand”) and Trip Hop (“Trust”) melt into an extremely harmonic unit, together with such illustrious guests as Klaus Doldinger, Till Broenner, Nils Landgren, Johannes Enders, Dan Berglund and Wigald Boning. In 2005 the Fauna Flash Remix of Marsmobil “Flowers” was chosen by Gilles Peterson for his Chart-of-the Year. Sonar Kollektiv/Jazzanova have licenced the song for their “Secret Love” compilation. Furthermore, Roberto has contributed keys, bass and vocals to the Voom Voom album and will play one or more parts on the soon to be released Peace Orchestra long-player as well as on Trueby Trio and Fauna Flash productions. Roberto virtuall discovered singer Martine Rojina. She gives Marsmobil the authenticity of a big pop project without falling back on platitudes or clischees.

Martine definitely has an aura and projects security and an unbelievable presence on stage which she never uses as a plagiarism or makes her appear as “just another front girl”. She is more like a critical but life-loving Neo Mod with unbelievable charisma, charm and life in her voice that carries you away. Actually “Minx” means a “brazen” or “mischievous” girl. The Marmobil song “Munich Loves You” is the official song of the city of Munich´s Image Campaign for the Soccer World Cup. The single will be presented to millions of soccer fans world-wide in the Munich Allianz Arena during the World Cup games, as well as in TV trailers before every game in conjunction with the journalistic presentation of the World Cup city. This hasn´t happened by chance because behind all of it there´s a lot of work, fun and games. The single “Munich Loves You” will be released previously and is not part of the album because there are at least 3 or 4 such “hand-grenades” on it. Marsmbil is a compact, super Live-Band. There´s a video to “Mangia Amore”. “Minx” was mastered in Abbey Road Studios, where Roberto took a piece of the studio wall which he always carries with himself.

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