Shahrokh Sound Of K. – Owlflight EP

Artist: Shahrokh Sound Of K.
Title: Owlflight EP
Cat No: CPT 224-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Yes, some cool tracks on there. The first track “Owlflight” Is a perfect track for a long build up throughout a whole set. This track would easily get a crowd roaring for more. A spot on way to get a club and its clubbers on their toes. The last track “Handtrix” is a sweet up beat track with a number of different stages of intensity right the way through. This tune could be a great finale for any dj blasting out what people want to hear, because it takes you in and around different feelings and emotions. Kris Drew

Info: Shahrokh Dini was born on 26.10.1966 in Tehran/Iran and enjoyed a protected childhood as well as protected school days whilst Teheran was heavily influenced by the west during the time of Shah. In 1985, Shahrokh left Teheran and finally landed in Karlsruhe where he started his study as an engineer. Parallel to his study he worked as a DJ, which symbolised his entrance into the music business at the same time. Numerous gigs at different well-known radio stations (e.g. Kiss FM 96,97, Berlin; Antenne Eins, Stuttgart…) and established Clubs (e.g. Dorian Gray, Frankfurt; Schlachthof, Hamburg; Sageclub, Oxymoron and Nu Ufo, Berlin…) were his opportunities to show off his skills as a DJ. Since 1995 he dedicated himself to the production of house music and released the “Deff Punch/Roya” EP and “Okolokolo Remix” on Black Flame Records as his first releases, followed by “Phunk Communication” and “Yo Mama” in 98/99 on Strictly Rhythm NYC. Further releases on CNF Records were “Light my fire” (Mitch Moses), “Give me the night Remix” (J.D. Braithwhite), “Venus” (DJ Shahrokh) and “Brain it” (DJ Shahrokh). Besides his occupation as DJ and producer he managed to turn an empty warehouse into an atmospheric location called “Terra Cotta”. Flavoured with an oriental flair, which was not very typical in Karlsruhe at this point of time, the “Terra Cotta” emerged the first affection for the deep, jazzy, and funky music style in Shahrokh. In the year 2002, Shahrokh created a second club. This time he turned an empty retail store into a mixture of a music club and a lounge, which carries the name “Mood Lounge”. Last year, the double CD “Mood lounge presents pleasure one” was released, accompanied by an eponymous tour, which achieved international success and included tour stops in South Africa amongst others. But enough said the man is hot and he is out with his new  12” “Owlflight”.

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