Drumpoet Community 01

Artist: Foster
Title: Loud Minority / Dessert / Kanona
Cat No: DPC 001-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: “Love this new project! Sounds very good! Radio and clubs will enjoy this one! ‘Loud Minority’ is my fav, an amazing and rocking track! Kikko Solaris / Loud minority is a top dancefloor tune. Dessert is lovely to start the night with or to end it! And  KANONA is another bomb. Dope release from the Zurich massive! Alex Attias / Very deep… very fresh sounding… all three tracks are strong! Tim Faberge / Another killer release. Prefect tackle for various dance floor situations! Paddy Freeform / Anotha hit in tha makin Michael Stukes

Info: Welcome along to the first release of the brandnew Drumpoet.comMUNITY recordlabel out of Zurich. The label is a cooperation with the mighty Compost Records and it works as a sublabel. Founded by Alex Dallas, Alex Gustafson (Founders of Straight Ahead Rec., aka. Earthbound), Tobi Foster and Ron Shiller (aka. Soultourist) the aim is to release finest electronic music with a touch of soul and a strong need to rock the dancefloors on a deeper level. Music with attitude, personality and an individual approach. Foster is a young and talented producer of the drumpoet.comMUNITY. He released his first 12“ two years ago on Sonar Kollektiv. Afterwards he remixed various people like Alessandroni, and Big Clap. With his mates he forms also the promising Soultourist Collective, and is together with Ron Shiller the head of the astonishing productions they make. The first 12“ on dpc is a deep and emotive journey into the world of synths, drum-machines and other engines. With his musicality he produces a very touching and emotional vibe, which can easily be seen as soulful techno influenced music. There are not many people who can combine soulful harmonies with an almost minimal and electronic dancetrack like he does. This is what makes it original and very personal. The track „loud minority“ is dedicated to Alex Dallas’ Loud Minority Residency in Zurich’s great Club Dachkantine, which closed down and was a home for great guests such as Carl Craig, Pepe Bradock, Juan Atkins, Metro Area, Herbert and Maurice Fulton to name just a few. They all inspired us to create music which incorporates all our beloved music and combine different style elements to a fresh and maybe even a typical Zurich sounding way. With „Dessert“ you can fade away and feel the ability of Foster to take you into his simple but at the same time very sophisticated form of musical expression. „Kanona“ does what the title suggests. There are many things to say about this record but there’s nothing better than listening to it.

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