Muallem – Mutations 1

Artist: Muallem
Title: Mutations 1
Cat No: CPT 216-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Frankie Splits delivers hip-hop brio, techno innovation and dancefloor euphoria with a sense of fun but, crucially, a straight face. BBCi / Decent alternative take on hip hop and R&B from Munich producer David Muallem. It’s rougher, with tougher beats than it’s American counterpart, and a techy European edge. Some solid dub moments on board too . / Definitely worth checking if your into rappers and not the thuggery that surrounds most hip hop nowadays” 5 Dancing Men DMC / …but there’s something to Muallem’s compositions that suggests his work will endure unlike that of many of those who pander to musical trends and crazes. Mosoul / …that emporer machine mix is amazing!…them and beans makes a perfect combination 4 me. I will play it to death…promise! Trevor Jackson (Output)

Info: New Thunder The Emperor Machine Vocal Mix and Dub Muallem´s bouncy electronic b-boy-beats get tweaked up a level, to New! industrial strength. Emperor Machine´s mutation has New York MC Beans spit ice cubes over a hyper-nervous soundtrack to a long lost shoot´em up arcade classic recently rediscovered in a sunken freighter off the Japanese coast. Son of Galaga-Disco is go! Kaos Cheerleader Dar Star Mix Dripping impossible deepness, this is a journey into the dark heart of Muallem and Shawn Lee‚s original about making marketing and distribution deals with the devil. Kaos‚ technoid track is the sort of tune a Blade Runner would play in order to test the emotional response of a suspected replicate. Deeply unsettling and beautiful like a burning dragonfly.

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