Muallem – Frankie Splits

Artist: Muallem
Title: Frankie Splits
Cat No: CPT 208-1 / CPT 208-2
Format: 2-LP / CD / Dowload

Quotes: Munich-based David Muallem offers some serious bangers on his eclectic debut. This underground DJ blazes through some raw soul and hip-hop tracks, all while keeping a futuristic techno swagger. Featuring a host of MCs from Lyrics Born to Wordsworth, Franie Splits is definitely a rocker for the ages.  XLR8R / Frankie Splits delivers hip-hop brio, techno innovation and dancefloor euphoria with a sense of fun but, crucially, a straight face. BBCi / …yo the stuff is hot…muallem rules. Kaos (k7 records) / Decent alternative take on hip hop and R&B from Munich producer David Muallem. It’s rougher, with tougher beats than it’s American counterpart, and a techy European edge. Some solid dub moments on board too.

Info: David Muallem is a 26-year-old guy from Munich. But his debut album sounds as if it was recorded somewhere between London and New York , at 10 000 feet, in a  learjet with Luis Vuitton-leatherseats. The underground DJ has produced a wild, shiny yet brutally raw mix of futuristic hip hop, digital soul and dancefloor-rockers.  There’s only one label that makes sense here: damn good. International standard, no doubt. ”Frankie Splits” – named after his favourite haunt in NYC – features a squadron of renowned guest artists, amongst them Nu Soul-Queen Martine Girault (Revival), multi-talented Shawn Lee (UNKLE, London) and the hip hop-masters Lyrics Born (Quannum), Beans (Antipop Consortium) and Wordsworth (Brooklyn). Listen. It’s the sound of NOW. As a bonus, there are real melodies on top of Muallem’s diamond beats. Yes, you can sing along. Somebody said we might be looking at “the German Pharrell” here. But why this humility. The sky is NOT the limit. Things could get a bit bigger.

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