Compost Black Label Series 1

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Black Label Series Vol. 1
Cat No: CPT 215-2
Format:  CD

Quotes: cause Zeitgeist won’t stop! De:Bug

Info: Releasing the first part of the new Black Label Series in Spring 2005, Compost surprised quite a few people, who never had Compost on their map of clubland. This wasn’t the “typical” Compost sound people related with the Munich based label. This was bleepy, creepy, dark and pumping. Or as Michael Rütten described Black Label 01: “Rough and and ready to rumble”. Or simply just like Tiga said: “Cool!” Compost always had real club tracks on its roster. Remember Move D, Terranova or Procreation (Deetron). With the Black Label, Compost has created an appropriate surrounding. Distinguishable by artwork, colour and sound, it is the perfect imprint to release forward thinking club tracks and sonic experiments. The Black Label is also a platform for fresh new talents (eg. Brahmasonic) as well as for big names (eg. Tyree Cooper Compost will continue to be one of the most upfront, forward thinking labels. And Black Label will be a part of it! ). This compilation contains Vinyl Only tracks from Black Label 01 to 08 EPs, a series that will be continued.

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