Compost Black Label 09

Artist: Zwicker
Title: Sniff & Sneeze! / Kumquat / Greasy Streets
Cat No: CPT 217-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Really like this. Just as good as the 12” on bearfunk. Marcus Worgull / Perfect track for warm up set. The mix of organic and digital does it for me. Malente

Info: Sniff & Sneeze! James Teipdek* snorts a line of coke. The stardust tickles his nose so bad, he has to sneeze “Haaaaa…….choooo!!!” His torso jerks forward and he sneezes the cheap blow from the tray! A kumquat, looking very much like a small orange, rolls smoothly across the kitchen table. James Teipdek raises his hand and smashes the fruit to juicy pieces with a hammer. Heavy traffic on a street near a major oil leak. Cars are sliding everywhere. Some crash, others find their way. All of the sudden a car stops and out comes… James Teipdek! He pulls out drumsticks and starts to play a percussion solo on a electronic drum pad in the middle of the chaotic street!

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